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Double click a texture thumbnail in TSR Workshop to open the Image Editor. Then click File:Btnexport.png.

From the drop down list you can choose which format you want the texture export to.

Export/Import of the same Texture!

Export, Import, Export, Import and so on of the same texture will have a quality loss as a result. Make sure you keep the original bitmap somewhere on your hard drive.

TIFF Layer and Channel Setup

The texture needs to be reduced to the background layer.

Whereas the alpha needs to be added as a fourth channel.

PNG Layer Setup

For PNG make sure you have the transparency (alpha) already present in the layer.


In the Image Editor click on the File:Btnimport.png button.

From the next dialog choose from the dropdown list which file type you want to import.

After you've opened the file, this dialog will show:

Tick Enable Alpha Channel if you wish to use an alpha for this texture.

Alpha Options

  • Keep current alpha: Will use the existing alpha in the image file if one is present.
  • Fully opaque (white): Can be used in certain cases where you explicitly need a white alpha and none is present in your current texture file.
  • Fully transparent (black): Can be used on specular textures in case you don't want an environment reflection on your object.
  • Set from grayscale image: In case your graphics program doesn't let you work with alpha channels in a comfortable way, make your own greyscale image and load it in with this feature.

Click on Continue to commit your settings and return to the Image Editor.

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