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Placing Windows on Your Lot

Window Tool

Windows make a house a home.
Let in the light with windows in your rooms. Click on the Window Tool. Select the window you want for your room and place it on a wall. The wall should be free of objects in the space where you want the window to be placed. After you place the window, the window is still selected to aid in the placement of multiple windows. Press escape or select another item to end the selection. See the Windows section of the Object Catalog for details.

Window Styles

Windows come in various styles. There are small windows that are higher up that might be suitable for a bathroom or garage. There are big bay windows that might look best in a kitchen. It usually makes more sense for many of the windows of a home to have a similar style. This helps maintain a uniform look to your home. Sizes are currently from 1 to 3 tiles in width.

Window Positioning

In Sims 3 many of the windows can be placed on diagonal walls. Experiment to see what you can achieve. To change the direction of the window, move the mouse slightly in one direction or the other to rotate the window.

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