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This page gives an overview of all objects found in the base game, Expansion Packs and even the EA Store. Players might use them for reference, while creators will find them useful for identifying which EP's objects originate from.


Base Game Objects

Icon Object Name Price
File:Survival.png Survival Window §23
File:Windowpalooza.png Window-Palooza §34
File:Windowinacan.png Window in a Can §38
File:Stainfreeglass.png Stain-Free Glass Window §49
File:Winnerwindow.png Winner Window §53
File:Thetruthdivider.png The Truth Divider §56
File:Straywindow.png Stray Window §60
File:Superfluous.png Superfluous Window §64
File:Windowofopportunity.png Window of Opportunity §71
File:Windowschmindow.png Window Shmindow §75
File:Notjustabaywindow.png Not Just A Bay Window §86
File:Ventanasuave.png Ventana Suave §101
File:Goodmannersflowerbox.png Good Manners Flowerbox §109
Icon Object Name Price
File:Belhooven.png Belhooven Maroo Window §128
File:Werewindow.png Were-Window §131
File:Ventanasubconciente.png Ventana Subconsciente §139
File:Mothershipwindow.png Mothership Window §146
File:Wishingwindow.png Wishing Window §158
File:Ventanadelalma.png Ventana Del Alma §161
File:Theperfectwindow.png The Perfect Window §169
File:Sircunninghamwindow.png Sir Cunningham Window §180
File:Regiftedwindow.png Regifted Window §188
File:Yeoldewindow.png Ye Olde Window §199
File:Gonewithtewindow.png Gone with the Window §214
File:Libowondow.png Limbo Window §221
File:Windough.png WinDough §244

Expansion Pack Objects

World Adventures

Icon Object Name Price
File:Olds Kool Window.png Old's Kool Window §26
File:Garden Window.png Garden Window §68
File:Lattice Window.png Lattice Window §90
File:King Quings Window.png King Quing's Window §98
File:Life in a Box Window.png Life in a Box Window §128
Icon Object Name Price
File:Shuttered Window Closed.png Shuttered Window - Closed §165
File:Shuttered Window Open.png Shuttered Window - Open §165
File:Desert Shield.png Desert Shield §203
File:Bonjour et Adieu.png Bonjour et Adieu! §233


Icon Object Name Price
File:The Nugget Window.png The Nugget Window §40
File:General Martin's Federal Window.png General Martin's Federal Window §125
File:Crowning Glory Window.png Crowning Glory Window §220
Icon Object Name Price
File:Southern Citrus Window.png Southern Citrus Window §70
File:Raise High the Window!.png Raise High the Window! §150

Late Night

Icon Object Name Price
File:SecuWIN.png SecuWIN §45
File:Windowvation.png Windowvation §56
File:Tear Stained Glass Window.png Tear Stained Glass Window §71
File:Crowning Glory Window.png Bustable Window §75
Icon Object Name Price
File:Sawesome Window.png Sawesome Window §244
File:Window to the World.png Window to the World §356
File:Wall-Installed Digital Fishiness Diaplay.png Wall-Installed Digital Fishiness Diaplay §2,250


Icon Object Name Price
File:Many Dimensions Window.png Many Dimensions Window §145


Icon Object Name Price
File:Kyle's Window.png Kyle's Window §139
File:Poly-Methyl Methacrylate Wall Insert.png Poly-Methyl Methacrylate Wall Insert §56
File:The Classic X Window.png The Classic X Window §139
File:The Double X Window.png The Double X Window §139
Icon Object Name Price
File:Window With Boards.png Window With Boards §139
File:Granger Panes.png Granger Panes §150
File:Granger Double Panes.png Granger Double Panes §188

Stuff Pack Objects

High-End Loft

Icon Object Name Price
File:Steeled Dura-Portal.png Steeled Dura-Portal §250

Fast Lane

No objects from this category included in this pack.

Outdoor Living

No objects from this category included in this pack.

Town Life

Icon Object Name Price
File:Really Big Pane.png Really Big Pane §490
Icon Object Name Price
File:Return to Bubbles.png Return to Bubbles §560

Master Suite

Icon Object Name Price
File:Shuttered Isle.png Shuttered Isle §83
Icon Object Name Price
File:Bayside Retreat.png Bayside Retreat §206

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