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This page describes the Wall Tool and its options.


Making Your Walls

Wall Tool

An example of regular and diagonal rooms.

To place a wall, click on the Wall Tool. Walls can be placed on the ground, on a foundation, or on another wall for an additional floor. There are three options to choose. Selection an option and drag your wall along until you have it the way you want it.

Create Wall

Create Wall Option
The first option is the Create Wall option. This allows you to draw a single wall in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. Drag the tool along until your wall is finished. Then click and drag again to make another attached wall.

Create Room

Create Room Option
The second option is the Create Room option. This draws a complete rectangular room. If a regularly shaped room is what you need, this tool will save you some time. Click and drag to form a box.

Create Diagonal Room

Create Diagonal Room Option
The last option is the Create Diagonal Room option. Use this tool to create a room at a 45 degree angle. Sometimes it is easier to use a combination of the Create Room and Create Diagonal Room options to achieve the desired shape and then delete the walls that overlap.

Did you know

To erase the wall or room you created, press the Ctrl key and retrace your wall.

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