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This page describes the available wall pattern options.

Decorating your Walls

Walls come in various types and usually have purposes that are somewhat defined. But nothing says you can't use a Paint on the outside of a house or a Tile in the living room. It is all up to your tastes and preferences.

Wall Paper Options

Single Walls
Walls can be applied one at a time by choosing the Paint One Wall Tile option. Just click on the option, select your wall pattern and apply it to a wall. This works well for areas where you want to alternate walls for a different look of change a small area. Hold down the Shift key and place the wall to place on a contiguous area while this option is selected.

Contiguous Walls
You can decorate your entire room or the outside of a floor of your house with the Paint Contiguous Area tool. Hold down the Shift key to place only a single wall tile while this option is selected.

Wall Pattern Categories

These are the categories for the walls and their usual or most common uses.

File:WallTypes-Paint.jpg Paint
General use for almost anything.
File:WallTypes-RockAndStone.jpg Rock & Stone
Great for exteriors, studies or fireplace areas.
File:WallTypes-Wallpaper.jpg Wallpaper
Usually seen more in living rooms or bedrooms.
File:WallTypes-Siding.jpg Siding
Usually used for home exteriors.
File:WallTypes-Tile.jpg Tile
Usually used in bathrooms, kitchens and pool areas.
File:WallTypes-Misc.jpg Miscellaneous
A catch all for walls that don't fit elsewhere.
File:WallTypes-Paneling.jpg Paneling
Generally used in studies or living rooms
File:WallTypes-All.jpg All
Look at everything at once.
File:WallTypes-Masonry.jpg Masonry
Bricks and other walls usually used for exteriors, studies or family rooms.
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