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This page explains how to create a new project in the TSR Workshop.


Open New Project Window

Create New Project on TSR Workshop's main screen

Open TSR Workshop and click Create New Project. You can also open this dialog by clicking:

  • File → New

Select Type

Select one of the types to clone from

In the New Project window click one of the types you want to clone from and click Next.

Select Item

Tree view of item selection in TSR Workshop

In the next window select an item to clone, use the tree view to filter and click the category you are interested. Click Next to continue.

Project Details

Project Name, Title, Description, Unique Identifier

In next step fill in a Project Name, Title, Description and, MOST important, an Unique Identifier.

Unique Identifier

Your item must absolutely have an Unique Identifier or it will override other textures in the game. Learn more about the Unique Identifier here.


Now your new created TSR Workshop Project is ready for editing. You can continue with the following walkthroughs depending what you have cloned:

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