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About Me

About me? Hmmm... Well.. I started this little site back in August 1999 for something to do in my spare time. Little did I know it would end up dominating my insignificant little life!

I live near Nottingham in England and house 5 PC's , 1 fat cat & several fishies.

If anything else pops up, I'll be sure to add it ;-)

My Wiki Contributions

  • All of the Object Catalogs (my head will hurt forever)
  • Pretty much all of the game images used on the wiki
  • My Plant, Fish and Food Guides from TSR
  • Lifetime Rewards
  • Sims Game Index Pages design and all page icons
  • User Profile template...
  • and then some....

Contribution Stats

These are my Wiki Stats based on my editing contributions:

Contribution Score for SteveB: 4363
Changes Made by SteveB: 6503
Unique Pages Edited by SteveB: 4268

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