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Presenting Twinbrook, the new town included in Ambitions


Welcome to Twinbrook

Approaching Twinbrook

In its heyday Twinbrook was a small industrial town at the mouth of The Simislaus Creeks. Several years later the dam was built and changed everything for the town. Now Twinbrook experiencies a rebirth with the influx of professional swimming, artists and inventors around the Sim-made lake. How will life in this eclectic community develop?

Twinbrook is a beautiful small town with an area on one side of the lake that has been flooded in the past and is now a half-swamp with some houses that where rescued. On the other side there is a more modern Twinbrook with brand new shops like the stylist shop with a tatoo parlour, a laundromat and the Buy and Bargain Consignment Shop where your sim can sell their inventions, paintings and other things they have made so other sims can buy them.

As Ambitions includes more skills and professions for your sims, there are also some new buidings in town like the firestation and the junkyard and by the lake you'll find a beach where your sims can have those great beachparties they've always wanted.

Community Lots

At the Laundromat

There are a few new community lots in Twinbrook. If your sim doesn't have a washer and dryer at home they can go to the local Laundromat for their washing and maybe meet some new sims while waiting for the clothes to dry.

At The Consignment Shop your sim can sell their creations and also buy items other sims have sold to the shop. At the junkyard your sim can get junk to use for inventions and they can also find items other sims have left, everyday there are something new to collect.

Besides the Bistro and the Restaurant there is also a small Bar or Pub where your sim can meet up with other sims to have a drink and play games.

Employment Lots

Twinbrook Firestation

Finally you can follow your sim to work but only if your sim starts a career that is new with Ambitions. There are still rabbitholes for the older careers like at the Spa or the Policestation, but if your sim wants to be a firefighter or a stylist you can follow him or her to work and help them to build up the skill needed for moving to the next level. The other new careers have no particular workplace and your sim work by getting jobs from home during workinghours.

As a firefighter your sim will go to the firestation in town and while waiting for a fire disaster or some other emergency, he or she can workout, rest or do maintenance work on all the equipment. When working as a stylist your sim will work in the stylist shop but after reaching a certain level he or she can get customers all over town.


Twinbrook Swamp in the daytime

The center of town is located on one side of the lake with one road leading to the Military Base and another to the town Cemetery. Behind the cemetery is a lovely fishingspot and further on beside the Curious household are parts of the old railroadtracks that got partly demolished in the flood. An old train carriage has been forgotten after falling of the tracks. Surrounding the towncenter and the wealthy suburb are green meadows with trees and a few other fishingspots.

Opposite the town, on the other side of the lake is the flooded swamp. Now half of the water has run back out into the ocean but it is still a lot of water left in some places. Here you'll find some residential lots that are still inhabited. There is a mist laying over both day and night and it can be a little bit scary. Just before you come to the swamp you'll find the old industrial area with a couple of employment lots and the Sports Arena. The old railroadtracks used to run from here, through the swamp, along the outskirts of the town to the other side and end at the Military Base. Most of it is now in ruins, bridges have fallen to pieces and in some parts even the tracks are gone.

Returning families

There are 3 returning families in Twinbrook, the Curious family, the Whelohff family and the Knack family. You will also have about 25 new families to play and have fun with and on the family page you'll get a description of them all.

The Curious family

Curious Household near the military base

The Curious family has since they appeared in Sims 2 for the first time, been associated with weird science. A passionate interest for aliens resulting in several alien babies. With no aliens in Sims 3 yet, they are still deeply interested in science but the family has a shortage of money and struggles to pay the mortgage. They live far out of town, in one of the swamps near the Military Base. Notzo Curious, the toddler in the family is already best friends forever with the older Zo Whelohff.

The Whelohff family

Whelohff Residence in the wealthy area

Not much is known about the Whelohff family than they have a connection with the Curious family. Little Zo Whelohff is said to be Zo Curious as a child. She was the grandmother to Glarn Curious 6 children in Sims 2, and wife of Notzo Curious. Both are deseased in Sims 2 before you start playing. Several of the names are a play on words like the familyname is a play on 'well off' and Zo Whelohff is a play on 'so well off'. They live in the wealthiest suburb in Twinbrook, next to the Knack family.

The Knack family

Knack Residence in the wealthy area

The Knack name first appeared in Sims Bustin' Out for consoles and it's not known if they are related to the Knacks in Twinbrook. The Knacks are very interested in arts and crafts. The family name, which draws on the term 'knick-knack' and also 'knack' as an ability to do something, shows that there might be a connection to the earlier family as Nicki Knack in Bustin' Out has an arts and crafts shop. They live next door to the Whelohff family in the wealthiest suburb in Twinbrook.


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