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What are Tombs? Tombs are buildings where puzzles need to be solved before you sim is allwowed to progress to the next room. The puzzles may be as simple as pushing a statue to the right tile or as difficult as finding the right combination of tiles to stand on before the door unlock.

Tombs can be requirements for solving adventures but can also be explored for fun and treasure.

Did You Know?

While the name may suggest it, tombs are not always underground or ancient. It can be a modern house above ground.



Are you wondering what to expect while exploring? The following page explains these things:


While exploring is fun, building is just as fun. The following pages explain how to build tombs, from a basic level to advanced to very very advanced (proceed at your own risk):

Tombs 101 by EA

EA has provided a long document with their own building tips, you can find it here:

Basic Needs

Do not forget your basic needs, bring a tent, dried food and shower in a can while exploring. Some tombs may even have beds in the lower levels, very useful as they give more energy/comfort than a tent.

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