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This page explains how to build a tomb with basic features



In order to build a tomb you first need to enabled two cheats in order. First, press ctrl+shift+C, insert the following cheat and press enter:

Testingcheatsenabled true

Now enter the following cheat in the same way:


This adds another option in the sort by function menu in buy mode. It is shown as a question mark (see the picture on the right) and gives you every object you need to build a tomb.

Did You Know?

You can have tombs at a regular house in the neighborhood, its does not have to be in a different world.


You're ready to build your first tomb. For your first tomb, you should only do a couple of rooms. You'll find all the extra tomb objects in the ? section in Buy Mode now. You must put a tomb room marker in every room (a silver ball). This makes sure that the room will be black ("fog" is on) until an exploring Sim enters the room. In the final room of your tomb you should hold ctrl+shift+left-click the tomb marker and click "set final room marker". Enter the name of your tomb for the "you've completed the tomb" message.


There are lots of objects in the special tomb section in Buy Mode which can trigger events and receive triggers. This section will show you how to set up a switch to trigger a door unlocking. You will find that the concept of setting triggers for other events is very much the same.

1. Place a "Small Hole - Wall" for the switch and a "Tomb Passage Deluxe from TombTech" door against a wall.

2. Ctrl+shift+left-click on the door and choose "lock" - this means the door will be locked at the start.

3. Ctrl+shift+left-click on the wall hole switch and choose "Link Triggers..."/"Hidden Switch".

4. Ctrl+shift+left-click on the door again and choose "Add the ability to add triggers and activated behaviours". This lets the door trigger events or receive triggers

5. Ctrl+shift+left-click on the door one more time and choose "Link to activated behaviour..."/"Unlock". This links the last trigger that was set up to unlock this door.

In general first choose the object which triggers the event and choose something from the "link triggers" menu, then secondly choose the object which receives the event and choose something from the "link to activated behaviour" menu.

Treasure Chests

There are a lot of different treasures, in this basic guide a basic moneybag will be discussed. In the advanced guide there is a table that explains whatever option translates to in game.

1. Place a treasure Chest

2. Ctrl-Shift+Left Click and select ‘Treasure Component’ > ‘Set One Treasure Info (Currently Set to)’

3. A new menu will pop up with a very long list, for this basic guide ignore all the confusing words and just select $ to give a moneybag treasure with a low value.

Rubble Piles

Rubble piles come in two types - corner and flat - and are useful for concealing things from the exploring Sim.

Corner rubble pile

Here's how to place a simple corner rubble pile with a pile of coins underneath:

1. Select the ancient coin pile from the special buy mode catalog. Place them in the corner of a room.

2. Ctrl+shift+left-click on the coin pile and choose "Set Pile Value"\"Small" (well we don't want to give them too much of a reward just for clearing a pile of rubble, right?)

3. Choose the corner rubble pile, either light or dark to suit your tomb, and place it in the corner, on top of your coins.

It's that simple - clearing the rubble pile will now reveal the coins underneath.

Flat wall rubble pile

This one's called "Rubble Pile - Large" in the special buy mode catalog. Here's how to place a rubble pile to hide a door or arch.

1. First place the door or arch you want to hide.

2. Now choose the large rubble pile from the catalog, either dark or light to suit your tomb.

3. Place the rubble pile in front of the door or arch.

There's no need to do anything more now. Upon clearing the rubble pile, the player will be able to see the door or arch.

Plaque with a message

Plaques can be used to give a message to the intrepid explorers who are attempting to navigate your tomb. You can use them to give clues, or to confuse, it's up to you. Here's how to make a plaque with a message

1. Place a plaque

2. Ctrl-Shift+Left Click and select "Enter text"

3. Type your message into the box that appears.


In the special buy mode category, you'll find lots of items which are purely decorative. You can use these to make the tomb more interesting for the player.

Use the decorative objects to create an interesting and convincing theme for your tomb. Don't forget to also look in the normal decorative items category, as well as the special category to find an interesting combination, and try to theme your wall and floor covering choices to match too.

Building Tips

When building a new tomb, you should start by laying everything out. At this point, pay the most attention to the layout, theme and flow of the tomb. Don't set up your triggers yet.

As you build, make a list of notes about how you will want things to work, like "room 1: wall switch opens door to sarcophagus room".

When you've finished building your tomb, start setting up the triggers that make your tomb "work". In the above example, you would be setting up a trigger from the wall switch to an activated behaviour on the door, as described in the "triggers" section.

Testing your tomb

If you plan on sharing your tomb with other users, you should test it first. Before you let a Sim loose in your tomb for the first time, it is highly recommended that you save a copy of your lot (on the Edit Town view, choose the lot, then choose "save copy to library"). This keeps a copy of the lot with none of the traps and triggers sprung and all the rooms hidden.

If anything goes wrong when you are testing your tomb and you need to go back and make changes, you can then bulldoze the lot and replace it with the copy from the library. This means that when you go back to test the lot again, it will be as if your Sim was never there.

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