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Floor Switch

Floor switches can be used for triggers in two ways:

  • To be stepped on by Sims.
  • To have a statue placed upon them.

In either case, if you don't want the switch to remain "pressed" when there isn't anything on top of it, you can set up the following trigger:

  • Link trigger "step off" on the switch to activated behaviour "reset" on the switch.

This makes your switch ready to be used for puzzles, or to have statues placed upon it. You don't need to do this, however, when your switch is single-use. For example, if when a Sim steps on the switch it unlocks a door, which stays unlocked, you don't need to set up the above trigger.

Switch appearance

The floor switch has two basic appearances. The first appearance has a pair of feet on the switch, whereas the second has a mechanical cog.

You can change the appearance of the switch to give your tomb's explorers a clue as to how to use the switch. Typically, you should use the "feet" appearance where the switch is intended to be stepped on by a Sim, and the "cog" appearance where the switch is intended to be activated with a pushable statue. You can change the switch's appearance by ctrl+shift+clicking it in buy mode, and choosing "toggle visual style".



Hidden Trigger Panels

The hidden trigger panel is an invisible floor object. It is triggered when a sim walks over it. It can be used to do thing like make lights turn on automatically, or make traps fire when a sim walks over a certain area.

Turn on lights using Hidden Trigger Panel:

1. Place a light and a Hidden Trigger Panel.

2. Shift+Ctrl+Left-Click on Hidden Trigger Panel, Select "Link Triggers.." then "Hidden Switch".

3. Shift+Ctrl+Left-Click on Light, select "Add the ability to add triggers and activated behaviours"

4. Then Shift+Ctrl+Left-Click the light again, this time select "Link to Activated Behaviour..." then "Light: Turn On".

TIP! If you want the player to know that there is something different about the area of floor with the hidden panel, try placing down some different floor tiles on the area where the panel is.

Puddle/burnt pile


Dive Wells

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