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This page describes the Terrain Tool.

The Terrain Tool

These are the tools that give your lot dimension…character. You can raise the terrain, build a pond, make a hole, and build a mountain. It’s like having a bulldozer and backhoe in your lot all in one. Want that scary castle and moat? This is the tool you would primarily use.

Below you can see the Terrain Tool. On the left are the different types of things you can do, raise the terrain, flatten the terrain etc. Looking at the slide bar you can see, as in the Terrain Paint, you can adjust the softness and hardness of your tool. The brush Softness affects the jaggedness of the edges of your changes.


Tool Type Purpose
Raise TerrainCreates Mounds or other types of inclines.
Lower TerrainSinks Ground for holes or indents.
Soften TerrainSmoothes Rough edges of a mound.
Level TerrainLevels your surface.
Water ToolLowers Terrain like Lower Terrain tool except leaves water in hole.
Flatten LotFlattens the lot with one click


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