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This page covers errors which you could get while working in TSR Workshop and offers solutions.


TSR Workshop could not locate game folder

Sometimes TSR Workshop requires that you specify manually The Sims 3 installation directory at first start-up. This is usually:

  • C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3

Import failed

Index was out of range

When importing a Workshop Object (WSO) file, this error is triggered if the names of your groups aren't consistent with the original names, starting at group_0.

Your object must be arranged in groups to match the object you cloned. For example: if shadow is in group_0, then your shadow must be named group_0 too. In the example below, the groups should have been named group_0 through to group_4, but they start at 1 and end at 5 instead, which is incorrect and triggers the Index out of range error.

Groupcount does not match

When importing a Workshop Object (WSO) file, the Workshop checks to ensure that the number of mesh groups in your object matches the number of groups in the object you have cloned. if you have too few groups or too many, the import will fail with this message. The example in the image shows a window mesh with the five correct groups, but a sixth group "Duplicate01" has been left behind in error.

Ensure that you have the correct number of groups to match the object you're cloning. Low detail objects usually have one less group because the low poly render of an object does not display any wall or ground shadows.

Buffer cannot be null

This error sometimes occurs when your meshes are incorrectly named or ordered in your 3D program (some creation types such as particular objects trigger this error, whereas others do not). When it does happen, you will have made a mistake in the arrangement of your mesh groups.

For example:

  • group_0 not being the first mesh in the list of objects
  • group_0 and group_1 names the wrong way round (group_0 should be group_1 etc)

Check and rearrange your group names (and order in the list) to match the EA object you cloned to avoid this error.

Could not find any recognizable digits

This error is triggered when you import a high or low detail mesh that you have failed to assign to any joints, preventing the Workshop from importing your mesh into the Sims 3 file structure correctly.

The error can also be triggered if joints are incorrectly named. Leave the joint names as identified by the Workshop plugins.

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