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This 'Sims 3 Wiki' from The Sims Resource was launched in September 2009 during our 10 year anniversary celebrations, already populated with masses of content including detailed reference tables for careers, skills and more, the wiki continues to grow with new information.

This wiki is also home to the only Object Catalogue to include base game, EA Store and Expansion Pack content, accurately listed and illustrated as seen in the game.

The Sims 3 Workshop is also referenced in detail, including all the resources Custom Content creators need to make full use of this ever growing, powerful content tool.

Every effort has been made to use read game data either from game play or .xml files extracted from the game code. You may notice many discrepancies between the wiki data and the Prima Strategy Guide. This is because the guide was created with a pre-release game. We have found countless errors throughout while generating these info pages, so this wiki is more accurate and up-to-date.

This wiki has "managed content", which is to say that anyone can make contributions and edits to the pages, but they will not show publicly until approved.

The Sims3wiki is powered by the excellent MediaWiki Project.

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