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This page introduces you to Sunset Valley, the neighborhood that comes with the base game


Welcome to Sunset Valley

Approaching Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley is the only neighborhood that comes with the base game. It's a large neigborhood, larger than in the previous Sims games with its 97 playable lots, hosting 25 families to start with. 21 of those lots are empty, ready for you to start building on. In the center you'll find the Park, a meeting place for your Sims where they can relax and make new friends, have a picnic, go fishing or just take a stroll around the park. There are a lot of other places for your sims to meet up with new acquaintances, at the gym, at cinemas, at restaurants/Bistros and they can also visit other sims in their homes.

The architecture in Sunset Valley mixes modern and even futuristic buildings with ideas and designs from American suburbs of the 1950s. It's a unique town and there are many places for you sims to explore.

Did you know

Before Pleasantview, there was Sunset Valley. It was founded by the Goths and built up by the Landgraabs to be a quiet and peaceful town.

Community lots

Community Lot

There are several community lots for your sims to visit. Standard Community lots allows you to play freely on, like the Central park, the gym and the swimming pool. Others are lots where you can't follow your sim into the building and these are called rabbit holes.

You can send you sim to the bookstore or to the library if he or she likes to read a lot. Or if your sims are brave enough, why not let them visit the cemetery and explore the Mausoleum.

A total list of these lots you'll find on the Community Lots and Rabbit Holes page.

Employment Lots

Employment Lot

Your sim will need work so there are several workplaces in town to seek employment in and to make a career in. The Hospital, the Police station, the Spa and many more. You'll find them all over town and you can either click on the lot to seek employment or use the newspaper. These lots are all rabbit holes so you can't actually watch while your sim is working. You can follow them to work and set what you want them to do. Work hard or hang out with their fellow workers.

A total list of these lots you'll find on the Employment Lots page.


Sunset Valley Caves
Sunset Valley Simhenge

Surrounding the town are lush meadows and mountains, beaches and lakes, a beautiful landscape for you and your sims to explore. Look out for old remains like 'Simshenge' or old caves, left after someone has been there digging maybe many simyears ago. Maybe you'll find something to collect, something valuable.

Let your sims go fishing in a more relaxed environment by the small lakes or ponds, or visit the waterfall for an outstanding view. Take them to the small 'hidden' beaches just outside and spend a day there, follow the road to the end or is it? Or just go to the main beach and look over to the Lighthouse out in the Bay.

The open neighborhood makes it easy for you to take your sims all over town and it's surroundings, to explore every corner and outpost. It will give every player hours of fun, whether you take your sims or just explore it yourself.

Returning families

Crumplebottom Residence
Goth Residence

What would a new Sims game be without some of the old families? You will discover several old families while exploring the town, but 2 of those families stand out as being popular. The Crumplebottom family, a sophisticated and dignified family from Pleasantview. The Goth family, with a long line of wealthy businessmen, politicians and scientists.

The Crumplebottom Family

Agnes Crumplebottom lives alone in big mansion, after an unfortunate accident on her honeymoon that ended her marrige. Maybe her deceased husband will return as a ghost? She has an imfamous relative we all know, Mrs. Crumplebottom, a distant relation to Agnes' father.

The Goth Family

In the Goth family you'll meet a young Mortimer with his parents. They live in a big mansion nearby the old Cemetery. Will he grow up to be the Mortimer we have met in the previous Sims games? And will he meet up with Bella later in his life?


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