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Here you will find out how to showcase your creations in the very best way when submitting to TSR.

Would you like to start submitting but aren't really sure how to make the previews or have you been submitting and would like to improve the way you showcase your work? The presentation of your creation is as important as the creation itself. Maybe even more in some cases.

We would like to help and assist you to improve your previews so we have written these guidelines for you. Here you will see both good and bad examples of previews and also what you should include in the description and in the preview itself. It is important whether you are submitting patterns, lots, clothing or whole Sims to use and show what you have created so the person downloading will know what he or she are downloading.



For Patterns

When you have created your new pattern and you are testing it in game, don't forget to take some screenshots. If it is a pattern for multiple use, furniture and clothing for example, take screenshots that shows the pattern on both so you can use them in your preview. TSR requires of you to show how the pattern tiles on a surface or a clothing and if the pattern is for both why not show this in the preview. If you like you can upload several images, the total is 8 images per creation, to show more if you feel you can't show it in just one preview. Important to remember:

  • Show tiling on surface or clothing.
  • Show color variations.
Example of Good Preview - Pattern by EA

For your convinience Featured Artist Cemre has created a Pattern Display Unit to properly display the pattern like in the preview above. It can be downloaded here if you like to use it.

Example of Bad Preview

Here are a few do not when creating previews for patterns.

  • Don't use just one item to show the pattern on, add one or two more items so you can show more variations, but not too many as it will look messy.
  • Don't choose items/furniture for the pattern that aren't suitable for them, like the floorlamp with the metal pattern shown in the example here.
  • Use a neutral color on the wall instead of a wall with a different pattern. It distracts and in the preview shown here, the real pattern can hardly bee seen.
  • Don't add any unnecessary effects, they only distract and the downloader can't see the pattern properly.
  • Don't make the previews too small, the downloader must be able to have a better view when clicking to enlarge the image. Recommended minimum size is to have at least 500px width in a preview.

For Lots

Are you a lotbuilder and want to share your lots? Before you do upload, you of course have to take some screenshots to show how the lot looks like. It can be a little tricky to take good screenshots but it's better to make the effort and take the time to do this then to just take a snapshot from far away and leave it like that. There are a few things to think of before you are ready to submit your lot and of course you would like to show the lot in the best possible way you can. You can upload 8 images for your lot so make the most out of it.

TSR requires you to take and submit from in-game, at least one image of the lot showing the front as well as at least one showing the interior room layout. The 2 generated images of the lot can be used as complimentary previews. To get the best previews here are a few guidelines.

  • When taking pictures of the front and the back of your lot, try to zoom in as much as you can.
  • If you like include Sims in your previews, this ads a little 'home feeling' to your lot.
  • Include both outdoor and interior pictures in the previews. A floorplan is also a good idea to include.
  • Take the opportunity to show your lot in several previews as 8 images are allowed.
  • If you would like to include Custom Content also called CC with your lot, like patterns from other creators, make sure the creator has given permission for you to use and upload it in lots. If you are using CC from other TSR creators, make sure they have clicked TSRAA for the creation.
  • If you are using off-site creations in your lots please make a list in the description and provide links to the actual downloadpage.

Example of Good Preview
Example of Good Interior Preview
Example of Bad Lot Preview
Example of Bad Interior Preview

There are a few things you should avoid and don't do when preparing your previews for your lot.

  • Do not use any CC from other creators if they haven't clicked the TSRAA for their creations or given permission to use them in lots.
  • Avoid zooming out from the lot when taking outdoor previews. There is no need to have a lot of surroundings in the preview.
  • Avoid adding effects that makes the lot 'invisable' or more appealing than it is. Downloaders must be able to see the lot clearly.
  • Don't use real photographies as background or add parts of photos just to make it look better. Photoshopping as it is called, is not something that is suitable for previews of this kind and this can result in a rejection of your submission temporarily until you have edited your previews.
  • If your screenshot is a bit blurry, try not to adjust sharpness too much. It tends to look unnatural when this is done. It's better to take a new one.
  • Don't leave the walls down when taking pictures from the interior. It doesn't look appealing on the preview if you leave them down.
  • Try to avoid anything around the lot that can distract and take the focus away from your lot.
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight unless it's needed to show something specific.

In Create-A-Sim

When submitting creations like clothing, hair to whole sims, the best is to have pictures from both in game and from CAS on the previews. Here are some things to think of when preparing your previews.

For Clothing

When submitting clothing it's important that you show the whole outfit or the one part you are submitting as clear as possible. Having several pictures of the item is preferable and will also show the outfit in different angles. Here are a few things to remember when preparing your preview.

  • There should be at least one picture from Create-A-Sim/CAS.
  • Use several pictures if you like from both in game and CAS
  • Show the whole outfit clearly.
  • If you are using in game patterns, show some variations too.
  • If you are using a colored background with cut-outs of the creation, choose a neutral color but do not use neon colors. Preferably pastel or greyscale.
Example of Good Clothing Preview

Example of Bad Clothing Preview

There are some things you should not add/have in your preview.

  • Don't add any effects, it will take the focus of the creation.
  • No photoshopping is allowed, no merging real photos with pictures from the game so it would look more appealing or more realistic. This can result in a rejection of your submission temporarily until you have edited your previews.
  • When showing your creation from in game, avoid making scenes with a lot going on, focus on your submitted creation.
  • Avoid showing the creation in small pictures scattered around on the preview, it makes the preview look messy. It's better to have some order and the downloader will see your creation better.
  • Don't use sharp shadows when you use cut-out pictures, instead use a soft shadow so it blends with the background.

For Accessories and Hair

When submitting creations from this group in Create-A-Sim, we would like you to provide pictures from CAS, or one picture from ingame, preferably from both so downloaders can see the creation in use. A couple of things to remember for your preview.

  • Show clear pictures of the creation you are submitting.
  • Show the creation from different angles.
  • If the hair you are submitting is only available in one color, please write this in the description. (current version of the Workshop, does not support color variations on all hairs)
Example of Good Hair Preview - Hair from EA store
Example of Bad Hair Preview

A few things you should not do and avoid when preparing previews for hair.

  • Use no effects that will enhance the look of the creation, you must show what you submit, nothing else.
  • No photoshopping is allowed, no merging with real photos to make it more realistic. This can result in a rejection of your submission temporarily until you have edited your previews.
  • Avoid backgrounds that will distract or take over.

When submitting from the accessory group which includes from glasses, jewelry to shoes and stockings it is best to show parts of a sim instead of a whole sim. Some of these items are small, like jewelry so it's important for you to show it properly so the downloader can see your items before downloading. Here are a couple of things to think of when preparing your preview.

  • Have some close-ups of the creations
  • Show color variation if it's possible.
Example of Good Accessory Preview
Example of Bad Accessory/Glasses Preview

Here are a few things not to do when preparing the accessory previews.

  • Don't use whole pictures of the sim if you are submitting small jewelry.
  • Don't add any effects to enhance the creation.
  • No photoshopping is allowed, no merging with real photos to make it more realistic. This can result in a rejection of your submission temporarily until you have edited your previews.

For Makeup

For makeup you need to have close-up pictures of the creation. Not too close, the head and neck is enough if you are submitting face and eye makeup, eyes and lipstick. For body makeup, such as tattoo's of course you need to show where on the body it will appear. Like the back of the sim.

  • Use a head and neck picture to show close-ups of your makeup.
  • Show color variations if there are any.
  • Show clear pictures of the creation.
Example of Good Makeup/Eyes Preview
Example of Bad Makeup/Eyes Preview

A few do not when preparing the previews.

  • Don't use whole sims in the preview for makeup unless you show a whole body makeup.
  • No adding of effects to enhance the colors or the creation. This will not show the actual creation as it is made.
  • No photoshopping is allowed, no merging with real photos to make it more realistic. This can result in a rejection of your submission temporarily until you have edited your previews.

For Whole Sims

When submitting whole sims there are some extra things to think of to make it easier for the downloader. If you are using other artists creations on your submitted sim not all of these will be available in the zip. TSR requires that at least one ingame shot is provided as well as a full lenght picture from CAS of the sim. A few things to remember when preparing previews of your sim.

  • Show your sim in use from ingame on the preview.
  • Also show a full lenght preview from CAS. You can use the 2 automatically generated pictures too as a complement to your primary previw. There is one of the head of the sim and one with the clothing you have chosen for the sim.
  • When using CC, Custom Content, first make sure the original artist allows you to use it on your creation.
  • Make a list in the description where downloaders can find the CC you have used on your sim when they are from other sites than TSR. Provide the url to the actual downloadpage where they can find the creation. Hair, skin, makeup, anything that is used from other sites.

Example of Good Sim Preview. Hair from EA store.
Example of Bad Sim Preview

Here are some things you should not do or add when submitting whole sims.

  • Don't use anything in the preview that isn't included with your sim.
  • Add no effects to enhance the look of your sim.
  • No photoshopping is allowed or merging with real photographs to make it more appealing. This can result in a rejection of your submission temporarily until you have edited your previews.
  • Do not add a direct url to a downloadzip (a filehosting site like mediafire) when you provide url's to off-site Custom Creations.
  • Do not use any creations from any filesharingsite, filesharing is illegal and is not permitted.

You may also have use of:

Screenshots, TSRAA page

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