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This page describes the stairs tool and how you use it.


In the stairs panel you will find a variety of stairs to use. The default option is to have railings on, but you can disable this option by selecting no railings. This tool also has the option to select the width of the stairs. Simply use the slider to select from 1 tile width up to 8 tiles width. Stairs are not recolorable (pic 1).

There are 2 catalogs for the stairs. One for the Stairs and one for the Railings.

Placing the stairs

Select the type of stairs you like and move it over the foundation. When the green shows you click to place the stairs (pic 2).

When placing stairs indoors the tool automatically creates a tile at the top of the stairs on the second floor. It also automatically create walls under the stairs. If there is something in the way of the stairs, on the first floor by a wall or on the second floor it will show red and you can’t place them. If you want to have the stairs in another direction press the left mouse button down and move the mouse and the stairs will rotate (pic 3).

If you have selected no railings when placing the stairs you can later add railings to them if you change your mind. Simply select a railing you like in the catalogue and move the tool over the side of the stairs and click to place it. In this way you can choose any railing to go with any stairs (pic 4).

When placing stairs outdoors it will not create any walls under them. If you like to have walls you simply create a room with 4 walls so you can fit the stairs in and place them. When you have finished you just delete the walls and you have walls under your outdoor stairs (pic 5 & 6).

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