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This page covers the Specular texture, together with an example.



The Specular texture is used to define the strength and color of highlighting on meshes (caused from light sources) and environment reflection. It's saved in DDS DXT5 Interpolated Alpha.

Specular (RGB)

Usually specular maps are greyscale. Black creates no highlight, white creates full highlight and all the greys cover every strength inbetween. But also colors can be present in the specular map to create for example a red highlight.

Environment Reflection (A)

The alpha of the specular map defines the strength of environment reflection shown on the mesh. Used for example for chrome or other shiny surfaces. Black means no reflection, white is full reflection and the greys cover every strength inbetween.

Help, my object is shiny!

Make sure you saved the specular map in DDS DXT5 Interpolated Alpha with a black alpha channel (and a grey pixel/area where it doesn't matter on the UV map, otherwise the DDS plug-in will skip the alpha channel if it's one color only). If you saved the specular map in DDS DXT1 the game assumes it has a white alpha, which means full environment reflection.


Clothing Specular Map (RGB)

The specular map has a different strength/color value for each pixel which causes them to be highlighted differently.

Clothing Specular Example (RGB)
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