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This page contains a full listing of music tracks from the Base Game complete with previews (click the players to hear the songs). Check out the official Sims 3 Soundtrack available for purchase from EA Trax

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Game Music

 File:Sims3icon.png The Sims 3 Loading (Base Game) Steve Jablonsky

Build Mode

 File:Sims3icon.png Constructive Simicism Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Simmering Mallets Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Simple Assembly Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Some Assimbly Required Steve Jablonsky

Buy Mode

 File:Sims3icon.png Aisles of Miles of Smiles Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Consumerism Simplified Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Don't Be Parsimonious Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Striking Similarities Steve Jablonsky

Map View

 File:Sims3icon.png Cartographer's Symphony Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Let's Assimilate Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Maps & Simbols Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Simple Directions Steve Jablonsky

Create Sim

 File:Sims3icon.png Amazing Facsimile Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Fortissimo Personality Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Identity Check Steve Jablonsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Versimilitude Steve Jablonsky

Live Mode


 File:Sims3icon.png Barcarolle from String Quartet in D Minor Joseph Suk
 File:Sims3icon.png Divertimento in D Major Wolfgang Mozart
 File:Sims3icon.png Piano Quintet in A 2nd Movement Franz Schubert
 File:Sims3icon.png Standchen Cesar Franch
 File:Sims3icon.png Symphony No.6 in B Minor 2nd Movement Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
 File:Sims3icon.png Watermusic Suite No 1 F Major Georg Friedrich Handel


 File:Sims3icon.png Born Again Sasha
 File:Sims3icon.png Distressed Junkie XL
 File:Sims3icon.png Gluten King Junkie XL
 File:Sims3icon.png Groove On Junkie XL
 File:Sims3icon.png Milkweed Sasha
 File:Sims3icon.png Postal Ritney Touchstone
 File:Sims3icon.png Rockfalls & Estuaries Ladytron
 File:Sims3icon.png She Stepped Out of the Car Ladytron
 File:Sims3icon.png Young Estruscuans Ladytron


 File:Sims3icon.png Arcadia Eric Pressley
 File:Sims3icon.png Cat and Mouse Darrell Brown
 File:Sims3icon.png Dillis Gom Eric Pressley
 File:Sims3icon.png Don't You Cry Darrell Brown
 File:Sims3icon.png Last but not Least Darrell Brown
 File:Sims3icon.png Podie Tie Eric Pressley
 File:Sims3icon.png The Best You Got Darrell Brown


 File:Sims3icon.png Be Gronk Darrell Brown
 File:Sims3icon.png Na Maa Darrell Brown
 File:Sims3icon.png Nimbo Helba Bob Queek Welp Darrell Brown
 File:Sims3icon.png Wa Gack Darrell Brown
 File:Sims3icon.png Wan Nee Feela Darrell Brown


 File:Sims3icon.png Bossa Da Neeba Doo Rebecca Mauleon
 File:Sims3icon.png Candombe Waaayo Rebecca Mauleon
 File:Sims3icon.png Cha-cha Minga Ticami Rebecca Mauleon
 File:Sims3icon.png Rumba sa Sul Rebecca Mauleon
 File:Sims3icon.png Salsa Saka K Rebecca Mauleon
 File:Sims3icon.png Tango Dun Na Noob Rebecca Mauleon


 File:Sims3icon.png Da Linnup Eric Pressley
 File:Sims3icon.png Feewa Foona Wabee Darrell Brown
 File:Sims3icon.png I Won't Darrell Brown
 File:Sims3icon.png Ramooned Eric Pressley
 File:Sims3icon.png Sta Moogie Eric Pressley

Custom Music

 File:Sims3icon.png Blame It On Me Floor Thirteen
 File:Sims3icon.png Ghosts Ladytron
 File:Sims3icon.png I Love LA Young Dre The Truth
 File:Sims3icon.png Punches, Kicks, Trences and Swords Pint Shot Riot
 File:Sims3icon.png Revoloution Bang Camaro
 File:Sims3icon.png The Other Side Dexter Freebish
 File:Sims3icon.png True Stories Datarock
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