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This page describes Social actions in the Sims.


Socialization Overview

It's extremely important that you make time for your Sims to socialize. Whether it's spending an hour or two with a loved one, playing with the children, or sucking up to the boss, even Sims with the loner trait need to socialize.

"Social" is one of the 6 basic needs of a Sim, and too much time alone could lead to a bad moodlet. In children, toddlers and babies, ignoring the social need is one of the signs of neglect which could lead to a social worker taking all children in the house away. Ignoring a Sim's social needs past a critical level can even result in Death.

Interaction Categories

Sims have some general categories into which most of their socialization actions fall. These are:

  • Friendly
  • Romantic
  • Mean
  • Funny
  • Special

Special Interaction Examples

Special interactions include things based on your Sim's traits or occupation. Here are a few examples:

  • Couch Potato can talk about TV shows.
  • An Art Lover can enthuse about Art.
  • A Good Sim can Ask About Day or Brighten Day
  • A Flirty Sim can Give Amazing Massage.
  • A Writer can enthuse about Writing.
  • A Fisherman can enthuse about Fishing.
  • An Athletic Sim can express a need for exercise.
  • A Computer Whiz can enthuse about computers.

Baby Social Needs

Babies have a limited range of interactions that others can do with them. Babies cannot initiate, only receive. Interactions with a baby include:

  • Change Diaper
  • Give Bottle
  • Play With
  • Put Down
  • Put In Crib
  • Snuggle

Ways to Fulfill the Social Need

  • Obviously, clicking another Sim and choosing any social interaction with them.
  • Calling another Sim on the phone for a chat.
  • Chatting online and emailing using the computer.
  • Inviting Sims over for some face time.
  • At work or school - using the "meet coworkers/new friends" or "talk to coworkers/ friends" tones (Or similar. The exact names of the tones vary in each career, but the effect is the same).

Notice Reactions

Pay attention not only to the social actions you choose for your Sim, but also to the response that is generated. A Computer Whiz can enthuse all she wants about Computers, but it will not impress a Technophobe. If A Sim thinks your Sim is being boring it is best to change the subject. (Unless, of course, you're inviting negative reactions!)


Toddlers and babies can't fulfill the social need by themselves. A Sim aged teen or older must interact with them to fulfill the need. In the World Adventures expansion pack or the base game updated to version 1.5 or higher, children can also socialise with toddlers to fulfill the social need.

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