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Skills are a bit better in Sims 3 than previous version of the Sims. With Sims 3 you have the ability to earn skills in many more ways. Although toddlers in Sims of the past could earn skills early, In Sims 3 they remain hidden, but give them a head start in life. Not all Skill training is available to all ages. Some of the Skills can start with a child Sim and some must wait until they become a Teen. You will not see the Skills in your Skill Bar until you unlock them. That is to say you must start working on the skill for it to show in your Skill Bar.

Various challenges come from learning Skills which can earn you the ability to do your Skill faster and better, not to mention earn Lifetime Rewards. Multiple Skill Challenges exist for each and every skill. All skills, as in previous versions of Sims, consist of 10 levels to master the skill. Unlike other versions, Skills in Sims 3 each have their own skill journal, which you can click on to see different stages above the level of 10 you can achieve. Once achieved a nice plaque is mailed to you for your inventory or wall.

You can take a class to advance your Skill one skill level, but a handy tip is to save the class for last when it takes longer to get to the next level.


Base Game Skills

Skill Acquire By Ages
File:AthleticSkill 32.png AthleticTake Class, use equipment, Read Athletic Book, Workout With TV, Workout With Stereo, SwimTeen and Older
File:CharismaSkill 32.png CharismaRequires friend developement to move up in skill, Take Charisma Class, Read Charisma Manual, Practice Speech In MirrorTeen and Older
File:CookingSkill 32.png CookingCooking Class,Prepare Meals and Read Cookbook. Note that once you achieve the level 2 of cooking you can also watch Hi-Fi TV to gain cooking skillsTeen and Older
File:FishingSkill 32.png FishingTake Fishing Class, Read Fishing Book, Fish. Note that watching Hi Fi TV after Level 2 is achieved can also boost the Fishing SkillChild and older
File:GardeningSkill 32.png GardeningTake Gardening Class, Read Gardening Book, Garden. Note that after Level 2 you can wach Hi Fi TV to boost the Gardening SkillTeen and Older
File:GuitarSkill 32.png GuitarTake Guitar Class, Play Guitar, Learn SongsTeen and Older
File:HandinessSkill 32.png HandinessTake Handiness Class, Read Handiness Book, Try to repair an ObjectTeen and Older
File:LogicSkill 32.png LogicTake Logic Class, Read Logic Book, Play Chess, Use TelescopeChild and Older
File:PaintingSkill 32.png PaintingTake Painting Class, Practice at EaselChild and Older
File:WritingSkill 32.png WritingTake Writing Class, Read Writing Book, Practice Writing at ComputerChild and Older

World Adventures Skills

Skill Acquire By Ages
File:Photography32.png PhotographyPhotography books are only available in Egypt. Once past skill level 3 only taking photos will develop this skill further.Child and Older
File:Nectarmaking32.png Nectar Making Reading Nectar Making Books, using Nectar Maker. Teen and Older
File:Martialarts32.png Martial ArtsReading Martial Arts books, Practicing on Training Dummies and Board Breaker, Sparring and Touranments.Teen and Older

Ambitions Skills

Skill Acquire By Ages
File:Inventing32.png Inventing Reading Inventing Books, Inventing Class at Science Facility, using Inventors Workstation to 'dabble'. Teen and Older
File:Sculpting32.png Sculpting Practicing on Sculpting Station. Teen and Older

Late Night Skills

Skill Acquire By Ages
File:Mixology32.png Mixologist Reading Mixologist Books, Practicing "making drinks" at the bar.. Teen and Older
File:Piano32.png Piano Practicing on the Piano. Teen and Older
File:Bass32.png Bass Practicing on the Bass, reading books. Teen and Older
File:Drums32.png Drums Practicing on Drums. Teen and Older

Pets Skills

Skill Acquire By Ages
File:Riding32.png Riding Skill Reading Riding Books, attending Riding Classes. Teen and Older
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