Sculpting Skill

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Sculpting Skill

The sculpting skill is fun and productive! Your Sims can buy the Pedestrian Sculpting Station at any time, allowing them to begin acquiring the Sculpting Skill simply through its use. Many objects can be created using stone, wood, clay, ice, metal or even the green stuff to create beautiful topiaries for your gardens. Use the items you make to beautify your homes or sell them for profit.

Make use of the Savvy Sculptor trait if you intend to achieve greatness through this skill. You could even make a career of it by registering as a Self Employed Sculptor.


  • Level 0: Sculpt with Clay - Base cost: §3
  • Level 1: Sculpt with Metal - Base cost: 3 Scrap
  • Level 3: Sculpt with Wood - Base cost: §25
  • Level 5: Sculpt with Ice - Base cost: §100
  • Level 8: Sculpt with Stone - Base cost: §500
  • Level 10: Topiary Sculpting - Base cost: §50

Skill Challenges

  • Chiselmeister: Chiselmeisters have made at least 20 sculptures and as a result, can make sculptures faster.
  • Prolific Sculptor: Prolific Sculptors have made at least 35 sculptures and, as a result, get a big bulk discount on materials! It is so big that they can sculpt for free!
  • Master Sculptor: Master Sculptors have made at least 5 sculptures from each material and are so famous people will pay more for sculptures made by them.
  • Ice Personality: Ice Personality sculptors have made at least 25 ice sculptures and because of their experience with the material, their sculptures never melt.


  • The value of a sculpture increases greatly when the Sim who created it dies.
  • When screating a subject sculpure in ice there is a slim change the artist will fail and carve an odd looking goblin instead.


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