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This page describes the roof tool and how to use it.



Roof Tabs

In Sims3 the roof is chosen automatically by default. With the roof tool you can disable the default and make the roof of your choice. To do this you just click on the radio button for off under Auto roof. Beside it is the button for remove all roofs which will remove any existing roofs on the lot.

  • There are 10 roof types to choose from. Those you will find under the first tab.
  • Roof patterns are under the second tab. Roofs are not recolorable.
  • Diagonal roof types are under the third tab.

Adding a Roof

Select the roof type you like and start from a corner with the left mouse button pressed down and drag the tool over the walls and release it. For houses with different sizes around, make the roof in several stages. You can if you like mix the different roofs but be on the lookout so there are no holes anywhere. Some roofs don't mix very well together.

Adjusting the roof

In Sims 3 you can adjust the roof height in an easy way. At the bottom is a slider for adjusting from minimum to maximum height.

  • You get minimum height when moving the slider to the left.
  • You get maximum height when moving the slider to the right.

Indoor Ceilings

With Ceiling
If you want to have a ceiling when taking screenshots, place the flat roof first before you place the final roof. When moving in to take a screenshot of the room, a ceiling will be there.
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