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This page introduces you to Riverview, a free downloadable town for Sims 3


Welcome to Riverview

Approaching Riverview

Riverview, a small town with an idyllic countryside. It comes with a whole new set of inhabitants and some old families too, and is built on the banks of Simomom River.

It's a sleepy, quiet town, and many have moved here to escape the busy city life and have hopes that life will be more calm here. Living on a farm situated in the surrounding countryside might give them what they are looking for, but will the current residents let the newcomers in?

Download it from the Sims 3 Store.

Community lots

Community Lot

Like in Sunset Valley there are several standard community lots where your sims can interact with other sims, meet new friends, have fun and hang out. Downtown have a few parks with lush gardens and picnic tables. There are more if you go to either bankside, lovely parks and fishing spots, gardens with the opportunity to have a snack.

Your sim can go to the gym and work out, read books at the library or visit the Museum and Art gallery. Go for a swim in the local swimming pool or the gym for a workout.

There are also the community Rabbit holes like Bistros, Diners, the Spa and many more. Go shopping in the bookstore or Supermarket or maybe go to the Theatre to see a movie .

A total list of these lots you'll find on the Community Lots and Rabbit Holes page.

Employment Lots

Employment Lot

Working is essential and your sim has a variety of careers to chose from in town. Either click on the individual lots and choose for your sim to take employment or look in the newspaper. Everything from starting a medical career to becomming a criminal is available for your sim.

A total list of Employment lots you'll find on the Employment Lots page.



Riverview is sourrounded by farmland, meadows and small forrests. You'll find lovely places to take your sim so he/she can explore and maybe find something unusual. Search the countryside and you might find the Caves on an old digging site or something else that is interesting.

On a small island on the lake where the river starts, you'll find Simhenge. Ancient sims left this place and still no one knows what it was for.

Returning families

As in Sunset Valley you'll find some 'old' returning families from previous Sims games. Here are a few that I'm sure you'll recognize.

The Lothario Family

Don Lothario Residence

The Lothario family first appeared in Pleasantview, where the last living member Don Lothario, a womanizer, was very involved in the town' love web. Did anyone really know him or didn't he let anyone get close to his heart? Did any of the women he met knew him? Before the family arrived in Pleasantview they lived in Riverview. The family bio reads 'Don woke up one morning in a whole new world. He remembers stepping onto a teleporter, several women laughing, then nothing else until he found himself here...' 'Here' is an abandoned granary, waiting for nature to demolish it and he makes it into a home. He had a choice between marriage and be 'a man of the town', will this accidental teleportation make him a new man and lead him in another direction?

The Newbie Family

Newbie Residence

The Newbie family is an old Sim family. Bob and Betty Newbie was the tutorial home in the first Sims game and in Sims 2 they are only used in the tutorial, never playable. In Riverview we meet Robert Sr and Mags, Bob' parents and a young Bob. Will Bob find his future wife Betty so Brandi will be born?

The Broke Family

Broke Residence

The Broke family also appears in Sims 2 with Brandi just loosing her husband Skip. Here in Riverview we meet Skip and his sister Ruby and his parents, Flo and Flat. Flat' brother with family also live on the lot. They have money trouble as this family seems to have through the generations. Will Skip hook up with Brandi as she and her family also appear in town?


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