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Riding Skill

Something new to the Pets Expansion Pack is the Riding skill. The Riding Skill encompasses both a Sim's ability to ride horses and to train them. Its purpose is to reward horse lovers for their devotion to their equine friends. As the Riding Skill improves, new interactions appear for Sims.

There are a few ways to gain Riding Skill. You can start off by reading Riding books which can be purchased from the local bookstore, or you can also attend Riding Classes at the Equestrian Center.

If your Sims is more of a hands on type of Sim, you can immediately learn riding by getting on your horse and begin riding around town. Other interactions like Train for Jumps or Train for Racing also increase Riding Skills.


  • Level 2 - Sims can Gallop while riding, use Race Training Posts, run Jumping Courses and enter Equestrian Center Racing competitions.
  • Levels 3-4 - Sims can enter Equestrian Center Show Jumping competitions.
  • Level 5 - Sims can ride a horse Bareback.
  • Level 6 - Sims can enter Equestrian Center Cross-Country competitions.
  • Level 7 - Sims can strike a dramatic Heroic Pose while riding.
  • Levels 8-9 - Sims can adopt Wild Horses.
  • Level 10 - Sims can Whisper to horses to earn their trust.

Skill Challenges

  • Equestrian Champion - Equestrian Champions have won at least 20 Equestrian Center competitions at the Advanced or International level. They are so well-known in the riding world that they receive extra prize money from sponsorship at every competition they win.
  • Mustang Master - Mustang Masters have adopted at least 3 Wold Horses, so they know how to bring out the best in a horse. When a Mustang Master adopts a Wild Horse, he can choose some of the horse's Traits.
  • Horse Friend - Horse Friends have been Best Friends with at least 10 Horses. They're at ease around their equine buddies, and the Horses know it! Horses rarely shy away from being handled by a Horse Friend.
  • Rider of Legends - To become a Rider of Legends, a Sim must win all 3 types of Equestrian Center competitions at the International level. For their dedication to the art of horsemanship, these Sims receive a truly epic equine statue.

Reward Object

Sims who complete the 'Rider of Legends' Skill Challenge will be awarded the Equine of Excellence Statue, a fabulous sculpture that displays the epitome of wisdom and fame. Its magnificent large stature and wings bring awe to those that gaze upon it. Environment Score: 6

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