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Reviewers are responsible for checking the quality of edits and approving them for public viewing. They should be looking at both quality and accuracy of content as well as style and page layout. If any of these fail to reach our agreed criteria they should in the first case be edited to make them right either by yourself or someone else on the team, or if necessary, rejected.

When a page is approved it behaves like a regular wiki page and has no additional icons or tabs above it, only 2 links below the page title, "Unreviewed pages / Outdated reviewed pages" if relevant.

Once a page has an edit made on it, new tabs appear. Stable Page is the latest approved version of the page and will be displayed to users by default. Draft shows the page after the recent edit, while Edit Draft allows people to make changes to the already edit page. Once someone has made an edit, nobody can then edit the original, only the draft.

As a Reviewer you will also see a box at the bottom of every page containing your administration tools (seen below). When approving an edit or new page, you can set the Accuracy, Depth and Readability before approving. These aren't really necessary for our current use so you don’t need to change them unless you wish. Once you submit your review the page will reload with a notification box at the top. You can check the approval or move on, as your work here is done!


While browsing the site you will be alerted to pages that are awaiting approval by an icon and link in the top right corner, like this. Click on the +/- to show more details.

If it says you have x drafts awaiting review, click the link to compare the submitted edit, which may look something like this:


You can approve this change by clicking Submit, or edit the changes and improve them first if necessary. If bad things are happening, you have the ability from the edit to block the user from editing, and to "rollback" to the previous stable page. You can also click "edit" next to the last stable revision and save that, or make the change yourself if someone has tried in good faith to update a spelling mistake or data input, but done it badly.

You can find pages that have been edited so that you can approve them by going to Toolbox>>Special Pages>>Quality Assurance section (bottom of the page). There are several filters and listing there to help you in your task, take a look at them all.

Before you do anything else though, ask Steve about HTML!

--</SteveB> 14:18, 3 September 2009 (UTC)

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