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Welcome to the Pregnancy page! This page is more like a very thorough guide to Pregnancy, the different stages, how they affect your Sim, as well as how to get pregnant. Yep this page covers pretty much everything!


Getting Pregnant

Try for Baby option
Sims can get pregnant anywhere they can Woohoo by selecting the Try for Baby option. Note that your Sims must be fertile for the "Try for Baby" option to appear. If trying for a baby is successful, you will hear a lullaby that tells you pregnancy occurred. It is at this time that the number of babies born will be determined.


Couples cannot have a child without cheats/hacks if they are:

  • A homosexual couple.
  • The male is not old enough.
  • One member of the couple is any type of infertile creature (Servo, zombie and similar).
  • The female lives in a different neighborhood.
  • The female is not a controllable character on the lot.
  • The lot has reached its maximum allowable number of occupants.
  • The female is already pregnant.

In all those cases you will only get the option to Wohoo. Remember that teenagers and younger cannot Wohoo at all.

Social Interactions

Once your Sim is pregnant a number of social interactions are unlocked. You get the option to announce the pregnancy to others. You can also get other Sims to "Ask to Feel Tummy", "Talk to Tummy" or "Listen to Tummy". Some Sims will do this without asking you first.

Pregnancy Length

A Sim pregnancy lasts for three days with each day representing a trimester of pregnancy.

First Trimester

The first trimester brings morning sickness, causing the Sim to run to the toilet and throw up. A thought bubble will appear with a pacifier and a question mark. As in real life, some Sims escape morning sickness. A pregnant Sim's motives will drop at an increased rate. If your Sim works, they can still go to work today.

Second Trimester

Some time during the second day the Sim will attract the player's attention and begin to change. They will begin to wear maternity clothes. Note for the fashion conscious. The shoes do not seem to change. They will begin to grow their baby and will gradually go from a slightly bulging belly to a large belly. Needs will have to be addressed more rapidly. If the pregnant parent works, they will be placed on 4 days Maternity Leave with pay and the carpool will not appear.

Third Trimester

On the third day the pregnant Sim will get the attention of the player and the tummy will swell again. They cannot drive, take a taxi, or use a swing. Their interactions with other Sims will be unpredictable due to mood swings and interactions will change.


A Sim may have a Wish for a Boy or Wish for a Girl wish. If the wish is fulfilled, they will get 5,000 points towards lifetime happiness.


A Sim gets a good moodlet for pregnancy. It is worth a plus 20 in mood and lasts for the duration of the pregnancy.

A Sim may get a backache, which is a minus 20 in mood. It may last for hours and can usually be relieved by a massage. Your pregnant Sim's partner may have to do other romantic actions before the option to massage appears.

There may be other Moodlets as well.


At the appropriate time, the Sim will go into Labor. This will attract all the Sims on the lot and they will panic. Panic can be quite humorous. A pop-up message will let you know: "The baby is being born! Make sure your Sim is at the hospital or at home!" Sometimes a Sim who is at home will decide for themselves to go to the hospital. Usually if that happens, the other parent will decide to go as well.

If your Sim goes to the hospital, you won't be able to see anything, but you can still hear the birth take place. If you stay at home, your Sim will turn on the spot and there will be a new family member! (or two)!

Birth & Traits

Name Your Baby
Choosing your baby's traits

When the Baby is Born, you will have the opportunity to Choose a name for the child and choose the child's traits.

This seems to happen by chance, but some babies have one trait chosen for them already which you cannot change. A pattern hasn't been spotted yet as to why this happens.

After giving birth at the hospital, a cab ride home is all it takes to start your new roles as parents!

If your Sim lives close to the hospital, however, they may choose to take a walk home with their new baby, and their partner will also decide to walk home with them.


Wrinkles appear after giving birth

It has been reported that some Sims will have wrinkles after pregnancy and a worn-out moodlet.

It's believed that the age of the Sim doesn't increase or decrease the chances of getting wrinkles after giving birth, as this was found to happen with a Young Adult Sim in their early days, as well as an Adult in their mid-days.

Once your Sim has wrinkles, there's no way to get rid of them, so if you don't like the look of them you could always slap the make-up on your Sim to cover up those horrid lines!

No in-game make-up can cover up the lines on the forehead, so unless you have custom make-up you're stuck with them we're afraid!

Rumor Has It

Want a boy? Eat three apples during pregnancy to increase the chance of having a little baby boy.

Want a girl? If you eat three servings of watermelon, you increase the chances of having a girl.

This worked in at least one test case. You can buy the fruit at the grocery store or harvest it from a garden. If one of your family members is a thief, you can steal it. There are probably other methods of acquiring fruit as well. See the relevant section.

Ghost Babies

Twins, A Ghost Baby and a regular one.

Sims 3 has something a little different. If you build up a relationship with a ghost you can Woohoo with that ghost and even Try for Baby! If you try for a baby with a ghost, you have a chance of having a ghost baby!

Here is a lovely shot of Bob Newbie and Belladonna with their twins. One is normal and one is a ghost baby!

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