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This page covers the Pool Tool and the objects belonging to pools.


Let's Go Swimming

Pool Example

A pool is a great way for Sims to get exercise, have fun and socialize. Pay attention to your Sim's traits to see if swimming or hanging out by the pool is something they would enjoy. A Sim who is afraid of the water will not enjoy this activity!

Pool Tool

Pool Tool

To create a pool, click on the Pool Tool. Although diagonal or curved pools are not yet possible, you can do a lot with a simple rectangular pool tool. Let your imagination run wild with different shapes and sizes. Insert an island. Create pathways. There are many possibilities. To create your pool, drag the pool tool along the ground of your lot where you wish your pool to appear.

Customizing Your Pool

A pool will appear with a standard pool bottom and sides. You can change this by applying any wall and floor tiles to your pool walls and floors to achieve a wide variety of looks. Some also create a walkway of tile around their pool area to set it off from the yard. Experiment with fences, landscaping and various other outdoor tools to improve the look of your pool.

Pool Objects

These pool tools are currently available in addition to the actual creation of the pool.

Pool Object Description
Pool Rules Sign
This is not recolorable, so if you don't like blue you have no choice yet. Makes a public pool more realistic. Attach to pool wall.
Pool Light
Sims don't enjoy the dark much, so lighting up a pool is a good idea. Attach to pool wall.
Mesmerizing Mosaic
This is the logo on the pool floor in the picture. Comes in a few varieties and is recolorable. Attach to pool floor.
Pool Ladder
Your standard pool ladder for getting in and out of a pool with ease. Not essential, but aids in the smooth flow of pool traffic. Attach to pool wall.
Life Preserver
A decorative item but essential around your pool to add affect, even if not for Sim safety!
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