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The Photography Skill is one of the 3 new Skills from the World Adventures Expansion Pack. Sims can learn about and then increase their skill by reading photography books and taking photos. Pictures cost a small amount of money to take but are all worth something more afterwards.

First attempts at Photography are often met with disaster with blurred images or fingers over the lens being a frequent hindrance for low skilled Sims. The value of photos can range from §1 to §1,250 so a Sim with a top skill and quality camera can rake in a small fortune from their new found hobby!

The photos that your Sim takes will be stored in their Journal in one of the 13 Collections (or in the Miscellaneous Collection if it doesn't fit). These Collections are outlined below but you can view your progress in the Skill Journal along with lots of stats your photography habits and monies earned.

The photo's that your Sim takes can be given names before being framed and hung on the wall at home. Your Sims can then reminisce about their adventures by viewing them. Alternatively, sell them all off. Any of these interactions can be performed by clicking on the camera object in the Sim's inventory.


Icon Object Name Price Description
File:SnapTastic Flimsy Cam.png
SnapTastic Flimsy-Cam
§250 Can be purchased at all 3 Destinations but can only take small, low value photo's.
File:ChannonTec Outlaw SE.png
ChannonTec Outlaw SE
§850 Can only be purchased in Egypt. Has limited zoom functionality and takes photo's up to medium size.
File:Hikon QX40di Gladiator.png
Hikon QX40di Gladiator
§3,250 Can only be purchased in Egypt. Full zoom capability and can take all photo's up to the largest sizes, including panoramic photo's.

Photo Collections

Each photo in a collection has a base value but they are affected by size, so multiply them by the following percenatges: Medium x 50%, Large x 70%, Panorama x 250%

Note: If comparing these to the Official Strategy Guide you will notice tons of diffrerences in the names. This data is from the game itself and is accurate with what you will see while playing World Adventures!

Plants and Flowers

Subject Value
A Life Plant §35
A Lime Tree §35
Apple Tree §35
Avornalino Grape Vine §35
Bell Pepper Plant §35
Cherimola Blan Grape Vine §35
Cranerlet Nuala Grape Vine §35
Death Flower Bush §35
Flame Plant §35
Garlic Plant §35
Gralladina Fran Grape Vine §35
Hydrangea §35
Lettuce Plant §35
Meloire Grape Vine §35
Onion Plant §35
Plum Tree §35
Pomegranate Tree §35
Potato Vine §35
Red Rise §35
Renoit Grape Vine §35
Sun Flower §35
Tomato Plant §35
Watermelon Vine §35
White Rose §35

Everyday Moments

Subject Value
A Chessmatch §5
A Group of Sims §5
A Sim Cooking §20
A Sim Fishing §5
A Sim Gardening §5
A Sim in the area §20
A Sim using the Computer §6
Babysitter §190
Child Being Carried §5
Firefighter §100
Four Sims Eating §5
Kid Playing with Oven §75
Kid Playing with Toybox §75
Lovers at Night §5
Maid at Work §5
Mail Carrier §100
Photo of Photographer §5
Pizza Delivery §5
Police Officer §100
Political Demonstration §35
Remedy for a Hot Day §50
Repairman on the Job §5
Someone Painting §5
Three's A Crowd §5
Two's Company §5


Subject Value
A Pyramid §300
A Relic §75
Abu Simbel §250
Dragon Cove §350
Floor Switch §190
Floor Trap §100
Giant Boulder §120
Lovers in China §75
Lovers in Egypt §75
Lovers in France §75
Pile of Ancient Coins §160
Pile of Rubble §75
Sarcophagus §120
Shower in a Can §50
Snake Charmer §200
Soulpeace Statue §200
The Great Sphinx §180
Torch of Anubis §200
Treasure Chest §150


Subject Value
China Statue Set §245
Copper §50
Dangerous Creatures Statue Set §300
Dropa Stone Set §350
Egyptian Statue Set §425
Geode §50
Gold §50
Iron §50
Luminorious Gem §75
Magic Gnome §250
Mercury Vial §50
Mummitomium §80
Opal §65
Pink Diamond §75
Quartz §25
Rainbow Gem §75
Silver §50
Space Rock §50
Tiberium §130
Topaz §75
White Diamond §75

Best In Class

Subject Value
A Limo §293
A Money Tree §240
A Top Chef §280
Chief Lifesaver §240
Diplomat Extraordinaire §286
Expensive Stereo System §190
Fancy Tent §200
Luxury Car §25
Master Criminal §300
Military Bigwig §290
Nectar Rack §180
Omniplant §300
SuperCop §290
Superstar §270

Sims in Motion

Subject Value
Board Breaker §75
Dumpster Diving §75
Fighting Fire §75
Fighting Flab §75
Get a Room! §120
Great Tunes §75
Honing Body and Mind §75
Making Nectar §75
Playing Catch §75
Pleading To The Sphinx §75
Pushing Statue §75
Refreshing Swim §75
Running §75
Sim Making the Bed §75
Sims Dancing §75
Sims Sparring §150
Solo Dancer §75

Home Sweet Home

Subject Value
A Nice Garden §5
A Party! §5
A Toilet §1
Baby Stuff §5
Bathroom Stuff §5
Cute Teddy Bear §0
Furniture §5
Gadgets Galore §5
Home Decor §5
Kitchen Kitsch §5
Outdoor Stuff §5
Something Yummy §5
Toys & Hobbies §5

Around Town

Subject Value
Bicycle §2
Car §1
Diner §80
Grocery Store §80
Gym §80
Picnic §3
Places in Town §80
Police Car §80
School §80
The Beach §80
The Bistro §80
The Park §80
The Spa §80

Architecture and Buildings

Subject Value
A French Market §75
Academy §210
Bookstore §290
Chinese Garden §240
City Hall §140
General Hospital §160
Mausoleum §230
Nectary §230
Sports Stadium §140
The Market §160
Town Theatre §150


Subject Value
A Ghost §100
A Ghostly Problem §200
A Mummy! §30
A Serious Ghost Problem §300
Death On Vacation §250
Doubly Dead §300
Its Haunted! §200
Mummy Having A Snack §50
My Dead Enemy §300
My Dead Spouse §150
Simply Death §200
Too Many Ghosts! §500
Wandering Ghost §30

Still Life

Subject Value
A Couch §0
Box of Tissues §0
Candles §2
Flowers §3
Garden Decorations §1
Nectar and Food §5
Objects §1
Television §0
Tombstones §5
Video Game System §0

Family and Friends

Subject Value
Family Member §5
Ghostly Family §65
Housemate §5
My Child §2
My Friend §2
My Grandchild §2
My Main Squeeze §2
My Spouse §2
Three of My Friends §4
Two of My Friends §2

Oh the Calamity!

Subject Value
A Fight §100
A Singed Sim §100
A Social Worker §100
A Thief! §100
Oh no! Snake! §75
One Sick Sim §20
Slap Fight §100
Soaked to the bone §10
The Repoman §100
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