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The Pets Expansion Pack brings animals to your neighborhoods. Like Sims, animals can have their own unique behaviours based on the Traits they have defined. Pets can start out with 3 traits but this can be increased by learning 'trained traits' These additional traits need some work to achieve and can be lost if a conflicting trait is learned later.

Trait Listing and Benefits

Icon Trait Pet Types Description
File:adventurous_59.pngAdventurous Cats & Dogs Adventurous pets are quite curious and want to explore everything.
File:aggressive_59.pngAggressive Horses, Cats & Dogs Aggressive pets aren't inherently mean, they just have a bad attitude when interacting with other pets. A bad attitude that usually leads to fights that is...
File:agile_59.pngAgile Horses Agile horses are nimble, strong and love to jump. They make awesome Show Jumping competitors but get bored is they don't stay active.
File:bravepet_59.pngBrave Horses Brave horses have an extra helping of courage to help them deal with the chaos of sprinklers, fireworks, burglar alarms and other terror-inducing everyday objects.
File:clueless_59.pngClueless Horses, Cats & Dogs Clueless pets tend to forget what they are doing and are easily distracted. They don't learn skills and traits too quickly but they do get along well with Absent-Minded Sims.
File:destructive_59.pngDestructive Cats & Dogs Whether its cutting up pieces of furniture, or to allow the digging of holes in the garden – Destructive pets cause chaos everywhere!
File:fast_59.pngFast Horses Fast horses are the speed Demons of the animal kingdom. They love to gallop and have a natural talent for racing, but they need plenty of exercise to stay satisfied
File:friendlypet_59.pngFriendly Horses, Cats & Dogs Pets with a friendly disposition it easier to cope not only with other pets, but also usually have a better relationship with their Sims.
File:geniuspet_59.pngGenius Horses, Cats & Dogs Genius pets are always thinking on their paws (or hooves). They learn new skills and new traits quickly and get along well with other genius pets and Sims.
File:hunter_59.pngHunter Cats & Dogs Pets with hunting instincts are excellent to spot their prey and catch them.
File:hydrophobicpet_59.pngHydrophobic Dogs Water-shy dogs have a natural aversion to anything that has to do with water. In the water they are definitely not happy.
File:hyperpet_59.pngHyper Cats & Dogs Hyper pets are super active and never like staying in one place. They are able to build energy much more quickly and have a slower energy decay.
File:independant_59.pngIndependant Cats & Dogs Pets are to be assisted by independent not only from itself, it also makes them more fun alone, instead of playing with others.
File:hatesjumping_59.pngHates Jumping Horses Some horses prefer to keep their hooves on the ground. When a horse hates jumping, it will refuse to jump more often and do worse at Show Jumping and Cross-Country competitions. It may even take its anger out on your shiny new jump training obstacles!
File:lazypet_59.pngLazy Horses, Cats & Dogs Lazy pets just love to lie down or stay in one place as they get tired easily.
File:loyalpet_59.pngLoyal Dogs "A dog is the best friend of Sims" is a saying where there is something for sure! Loyal dogs like it, time to spend with their Sims. And they seem to learn skills more quickly than other dogs.
File:neatpet_59.pngNeat Horses, Cats & Dogs Neat Pets are naturally clean and love to be bathed.
File:nervous_59.pngNervous Horses Nervous horses see danger everywhere and can be startled by the most insignificant things. They tend to get along well with Neurotic Sims, who have the same problem.
File:noisy_59.pngNoisy Horses, Cats & Dogs Noisy Pets are very vocal and provide a special accompaniment when Sims are playing instruments.
File:nondestructive_59.pngNon-Destructive Cats & Dogs Non-destructive pets are very gentle, furniture can dig safely and no holes in the garden.'
File:obedient_59.pngObedient Horses Obedient horses are more willing to do what a Sim wants than other horses. They'll usually go along with a Sim's wishes, even if they don't know that Sim very well.
File:ornery_59.pngOrnery Horses Ornery horses are stubborn and don't deal well with Sims. They don't like to be approached by Sims they don't know - or even Sims they do know, for that matter.
File:piggy_59.pngPiggy Horses, Cats & Dogs Piggy Pets are voracious eaters who don't mind munching garbage or drinking from the toilet.
File:playful_59.pngPlayful Horses, Cats & Dogs Playful pets will always have fun and are quite unconcerned.
File:proud_59.pngProud Cats & Dogs Proud to have pets and look for something better always comes first, poor hygienic conditions, they are a horror.
File:quiet_59.pngQuiet Horses, Cats & Dogs Quiet Pets do not make much noise.
File:shypet_59.pngShy Horses, Cats & Dogs Pets with the Shy trait prefer and are the happiest when around their Sim. Being around other pets and Sims make them a bit nervous.
File:skittish_59.pngSkittish Cats & Dogs Skittish Pets have a nervous disposition and are easily startled.
File:untrained_59.pngUntrained Horses Untrained horses aren't accustomed to having saddles and Sims on their backs. They need to spend some time saddled and being ridden by a trusted Sim to accept any rider.
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