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This page describes the Create A Sim Personality Controls.



Your Sim is looking good! Now what else do you need? How about some personality! Here is where your Sim becomes a unique individual.

To create your Sim's personality, click on the personality button. Here you will find several things to make your Sim special.


Traits and Wishes Tab

Add traits by clicking on the button with three dots or by using the randomize function at the top right to select a random bunch of traits. The number of traits you can select depends on the age of your Sim.

AgeNumber of Traits
Toddler 2
Child 3
Teen 4
Young Adult 5
Adult 5
Elder 5

Personality Traits

Trait Picker

Here is the Trait Picker you get when you click on the three dots. At the bottom you have Mental, Physical, Social and and Lifestyle categories to look through in addition to the All that comes up as a default to aid you in your search for the perfect set of traits. Clicking on a trait pops up a window that tells about its characteristics.

For a thorough description of what traits are available and what they can mean to your Sim, see the Traits_Defined section.

Lifetime Wish

Depending on the traits you have selected, you will get to choose from up to 5 Lifetime Wishes. Teens and younger do not have a lifetime wish yet. For more information on the available Lifetime Wishes and what they mean to your Sim, see Lifetime_Wishes.


Favorites and Voice Tab

The second tab under Personality allows you to select your Sims favorite things. Sims of all ages can choose a favorite food, music type and color. You can click on the Randomize button or click on each favorite to display a picture list of the options.


Click one of of the three voice buttons to get your Sim talking. (A toddler only has one button and a child only two.) Choose the voice that best matches with your idea of what your Sim should sound like. The use the slider to modulate that voice to one that is special for your Sim.


Access the biography box by clicking on the small button at the bottom right. Here you can tell all about your Sim so that if you are sharing, others will know what to expect.

Congratulations! If you have followed down the buttons in order, you are finished with your Sim! From here you can Save it to the Sims Bin, Share it with others, Create a Twin, Delete it or click on the big Check Mark button to finish your family. Enjoy your Sim!

For more information on other aspects of creating your Sim, see Create A Sim Overview.

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