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This page explains how to use the TSR Workshop's Pattern Tool.



With this tool you can create completely new patterns with channels and either create a Sims3pack or upload it directly to TSR for publishing. This tutorial will show you how it's done.

How to use the Pattern Tool

Open the Pattern Tool

Open TSR Workshop by double clicking the icon on your desktop. Open the Pattern Tool (fig 1) under Tools in the top bar.

Fig 1

Load RGBA Stencil Mask

Fig 2

Click the folder icon to browse and open your DDS texture (fig 2). Learn more about the RGBA Stencil Masks here.

You can also import PNG and BMP files if the DDS file format is too advanced for you at this moment. Note that PNG and BMP can only save 3 channels (RGB).

Fig 3

You should see your DDS/PNG/BMP texture appear in RGB Mask Image (fig 3).

Enable channels

Fig 4

You know from your graphic program how many channels there are. In this example there are 3 channels. Therefore the Red (1), Green (2) and Blue (3) need to be ticked. Alpha (4) not (fig 4).

Choose colors

Fig 5

Choose a colour for your first channel by clicking in the white square or by pasting a Hex-colour in the appropriate field.

Fig 6

Repeat this for the other ticked channels (fig 6).

Fig 7

You might want to choose a different Background fill if your Red (1) channel isn’t fully opaque (fig 7). Not required for this example.

Fig 8

You can see the results of your colour changes in the preview window (fig 8).

Fill in pattern information

Fig 9

Fill in the Title and Description and choose the Category and the Surface Type (fig 9).

Upload Option 1

Fig 10

If you wish to upload your pattern directly into your Filestorage at TSR for easy publishing to the community, click Upload to TSR (fig 10).

Fig 11

The first time you do this you’re asked to fill in your Name, Website URL (TSR profile link), TSR Email and TSR Password in CreatorDetails. Check ‘Do not ask next time’ if you don’t want to see this window again (fig 11).

Log in to The Sims Resource and click Sims 3 Submissions in the top bar. Under the Filestorage tab you should find your pattern and can there submit it for publishing on the site.

Upload Option 2

Fig 12

If you want to create a Sims3Pack, click Export (fig 12). If you didn’t use Option 1 before, you have to fill in your CreatorDetails (See Option 1).

Save your pattern to the desktop (or any other place where you will easily find it again). Double click the Sims3Pack and your pattern is installed into the game.

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