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The Sims 3 has a new Party Planner that is far more interesting with several choices. In Sims 2 you just picked up the phone and invited your guest. Once the guest arrived, the party was timed and rated.

With the Sims 3 Party Planner you get to choose:

  • The type of party you want to have.
  • The time you want the party to start
  • The location you’d like to hold the party.
  • The style of clothes you want your guest to wear.

Getting started: Use your cell phone and choose Throw Party.

Step 1: Choosing Destination

Partyplanner Step 1

If you want to have your party at your house; click the Throw Party button on phone menu. A popup will open giving you several more choices for your party.

  • Party Type: Click Destination Party. You can choose House or Birthday Party.
  • Start Time: You can set when in the next 24 hours the party starts.
  • Dress Code: You can choose Casual, Formal or Swimwear.

Next you need to choose who will attend your party. Only 8 guests may be chosen.

Step 2: Picking Your Guests

Partyplanner Step 2

At the top center panel you'll see three symbols. This is where you choose the type of guest you'd like to attend your party.

Example: You only want to invite co-workers. You would click the last symbol and now only your co-workers will be displayed.

  • Clicking on the first symbol, all of your contacts will be displayed.
  • The second symbol is for your friends only.
  • Third is for your co-workers.

Hovering over a name will show your relationship with this person as well as their age. I picked only good or best friends. I wanted a great party.

Did you know

The higher your relationship the better chance you have of your guest enjoying themselves. The more positive or plus signs the better the party will be.

Step 3: Party At Community Lot

Partyplanner Step 3

If you chose Throw a Party at a Community lot you will see this pop up. See fig 3. For this illustration I chose Central Park as my destination.

Step 4: Guests arriving

Partyplanner Step 4
  • The guests arrive promptly for the house party and some will bring food with them.

It was rather interesting that one of my guests stood outside the front door and greeted everyone as they arrived. I even had one uninvited guest. That's one way to have more than 8 guests at a party.

Note: For the Community Lot the guests did not bring food.

Step 5: Successful Party

Great Party 1
Great Party 2

My Sim had a very successful party. All in attendance had great party moodlets. See the following pictures.

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