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Painting Skill

The painting skill is a personalized skill which you need for a career in Law Enforcement-Forensic Analysis. This one of the hardest and most timeconsuming skills to master. But it can be very lucrative and joyfull, just look at your sim creating a masterpiece!


  • Level 4: The Practice will be replaced by Paint in your easel options.
  • Level 5: You can now paint a still-life
  • Level 6: Paint stylized Stil-life (choose between Somber, Genius or Insane)
  • Level 7: You can now paint Portraits.
  • Level 8: You are able to paint a memorized scene
  • Level 9: You now have the ability to paint a masterpiece

Note: there are no benefits for mastering the painting skill.

Skill Challenges

  • Brushmaster: Paintmasters have painted a minimum of 30 paintings and paint faster as a result.
  • Proficient Painter: If you are a proficient painter, you have painted at least 6 brilliant paintings. They also tend to make more brilliant paintings and masterpieces than less proficient painters.
  • Masterpainter: to become a masterpainter you need to paint at least 5 masterpieces. Every sold painting will be worth more.


  • Once a painting is finished you can either sell your painting, frame it, put in your family inventory or just hang it on the wall.
  • Paintings will be worth more during time.
  • The value of your painting is also determined by the size of the canvas, The bigger the canvas the more it's worth.
  • Artistic Sims will paint more masterpieces.
  • When creating a still-life you capture by pressing "C", Change Canvassize with "I" and zoom in and out with "Z" and "X".
  • Painting a portrait will take longer than painting a still-life
  • You can memorize a scene with your mobile phone anywhere in your neighboorhood.
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