Object Creation Part 2: Texturing

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Author: Cyclonesue

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Welcome to this complete resource on Sims 3 object texturing. Ideal for both beginners who have no idea how to create a texture from scratch, right through to experts who haven't harnessed the full power of a specular or would like to make transparencies. The guide covers how to make Multipliers, Speculars, the RGB (RGBA) mask, Overlays and Stencils - no experience necessary. It will also teach you how to scale the size of your UV maps correctly using EA techniques for sizing to ensure your image sizes are no bigger than they need to be and your patterns will not be stretched or blurred.

It also covers more advanced topics like editing the materials of non-recolourable objects, making wall masks for windows, doors and arches (and using the automatic wallmask generator), creating dirty-state overlays and importing them (together with easy workarounds for keeping file sizes trim), and also takes a look at sheers and transparency. The guide covers how to import all these textures into Workshop, how to set up patterns and colour variations, how to make use of some useful EA textures, and even how to export the complete pattern-made texture as a usable texture for a Sims 2 object conversion!

Finally, a help section covers a myriad of frequently asked questions and explains how to use alpha channels even if your graphics program doesn't make them obviously editable!

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