Object Creation Part 1: Meshing

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Author: RicciNumbers

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The long awaited beginner's tutorial has arrived! This tutorial is a must for anyone wanting to learn to mesh. Beta Tested, this tutorial has already helped some create who thought they never could.

This is a comprehensive guide to beginner meshing. It will walk you through the ins and outs of creating a simple mesh in Milkshape. You will create a simple table using Milkshape, map with UV Mapper Classic and you will also learn some mapping using Milkshape's tools.

This tutorial will cover some instances of TSR Workshop. You will learn how to clone the mesh in TSR Workshop and how to create sun shadows for your mesh. You will also learn how to adjust ground shadows for your new mesh. Then we will walk you through re-importing your new mesh into Workshop.

Finally, at the very end is some extra mapping instruction using Milkshape that you can use to practice your newly acquired skills.

Once you follow up with Cyclonesue's Tutorial Object Creation Part 2: Object Textures, You will have a mesh you can be proud of and use in your game.

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