Nectar Making Skill

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Nectar Making Skill

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Skill Challenges

  • Master of Nectar Making After making 200 bottles of Nectar you will make more bottles per batch.
  • Flavorful Feet After making 40 batches of fruit, Nectar made by you will be worth more.
  • The Vizard of Vine Turn 400 bunches of homegrown grapes into Nectar and all grapevine arieties grom by you will yield more grapes.
  • Mix Master Make 15 different Nectar combinations and your Sim will be able to predict a Nectar recipe's final qulaity before making it.


  • Nectar making is a fun activity and almost always inspires a positive moddlet.
  • Bottles of Nectar made by a level 10 skilled Sim using Life Fruit can actually extend a Sims life stage by a few days when drunk.
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