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Mysterious Mr Gnome is a special item in Sims 3.


Introducing The Mysterious Mr Gnome

Mysterious Mr Gnome

Mysterious Mr Gnome looks like a garden gnome. He also is dressed and pose like a garden gnome, but he has got nothing to do with gardening. He is a magical mystery gnome and he is worth §1000 or more if you sell him. You can change his name to whatever you like and is a fun guy to have around the lot. Your sim can also kick him and pick him up and he changes the pose after each kick from your sim.

You can find him in the graveyard when your sim "Explore the Catacombs", or catch him when your sim is fishing as a random catch. Your sim can also get him in the criminal career when promoted. When your sim send uncut gems to the gemcutter, the cutter can return him instead and say it was the Mysterius Mr Gnome in disguise. He can also be obtained on the display case when you use mainly ingots and a value between §1000 - §3499 of all the items together.


Moving with a poof and stars

He is very active and moves around the lot every night. It doesn't matter if you place him in a room without windows and doors, he always manage to move to another location on the lot. Unless you the player, keep an eye on him all the time to see him move, he will do this quickly without you noticing it, to a new place and in a new pose around 1 am. Although after installing the latest EP, Late Night the gnomes starts to move to another location even as early as 6 pm in the evening.

But he can also move with a 'small explosion', a 'poof' and you'll see the sparks and hear a tingeling sound if you are observant, at other times during the night. It has been said he moved like this from start but if you have Ambition installed it's more obvious. Note that if you buy the Gnome with the buydebug cheat he might not move around the lot at all. It is confirmed that the Gnome will move even if you cheat and get it from buydebug mode.

Base Game

Mr Gnome dancing in the garden
Mr Gnome staring at a gardenplant

The basegame has the original Mr Gnome dressed in red pants, blue shirt with buttons and an orange hat with a yellow star shaped flower on it. He also have a beard and looks like a traditional garden gnome. You can also buy a Garden Gnome from buymode but he is just for decoration in the garden.

Mr Gnome always reappear after the move during the night in a different position doing something else and here are some of things he has been spotted doing:

  • Turning the TV on and watching it
  • Turning the radio on
  • Resting in the garden
  • Pointing at different things
  • Dancing happily
  • Doing handstands
  • Standing on tables
  • Making silly faces
  • Staring at various items
  • Kissing another Gnome

Your sim can own multiple gnomes so try and obtain as many as you like.

World Adventures

In the first expansion a new gnome was added to each destination. They all have the same abilities as the original gnome and can be found in different locations in all 3 destinations. If your sim has the highest level of Visa and has a holidayhome in either of the destinations, he or she can obtain the gnomes when using the Carter Display case in their holidayhome.

Here are a few new positions they take in this EP.

  • Appearing in pictures taken by sims with low photography skill (basegame gnome)
  • Browsing the Nectar Racks
  • Levitating (Master Manchu)

Master Manchu

Three poses of Master Manchu

Master Manchu is the Gnome from China. He is dressed in a yellow martial art costume with a black cap, and poses in different martial art poses. It looks very cute if he appear next to another gnome in a pose ready to fight. He can also levitate.

When a sim owns a holidayhome in China, he can also arrive in the post when your sim sends uncut gems to the gemcutter. Your sim can also find him in treasure chests in any of the tombs your sim visits in China.

Little Leon

Three poses of Little Leon

Little Leon is the Gnome from France and is dressed like an emperor, the most famous one Napoleon Bonaparte. He is standing straight up as a default pose but can take other poses as well. He can be found when exploring the catacombs and be caught at random when a sim is fishing.

He can also be obtain in other ways like all the other gnomes.

Sultan Sam

Sultan Sam reaching out for the snake statue

Sultan Sam is the Gnome from Egypt and wears a typical egyptian clothing for men, a sort of kilt made of linen. He also wears a typical headpiece as an egyptian pharaoh. The default pose for Sultan Sam is the egyptian walk.

He can also arrive in the post if your sim owns a holidayhome and sends gems to the gemcutter when in Egypt. Sultan Sam also can be found in treasure chests in various tombs in Egypt, so your sim can obtain him this way.


With the Ambitions EP four new gnomes where added. They all have something special and are cute to look at.

The Gnome of Invention

The Gnome of Invention

He is invented by accident but he can also be found with the miner. He resembles a robot, made of sheet metal and has a very spiky beard. His eyes are bright yellow and he has a conelike hat. He of course poses like a robot and he likes to be near the workbench.

If the Invention Gnome appears beside the Scraptastic Workbench he can magicaly finish an unfinished project your sim has left there up to 99%. My sim's first invention was the Invention Gnome but your sim might not be so lucky so keep on trying.

The Gnome of Sculpture

The Gnome of Sculpture

As with the Invention Gnome, the Sculpting Gnome can only be made by accident using the Sculpting station and he can also be found using the miner. My sim was lucky enough to get the gnome after sculpting his first stone sculpture. Here he is standing on the Pedestrian Sculpting Station. The texture on this gnome also varies depending what material your sim has been using when sculpting.

He mimics regularly famous sculptures like 'The Thinker' as you can see in one of the screenshots in the gallery.

The Gnome of Laundry

Abracadabra - The Gnome of Laundry

When a sim is using the most expensive dryer this little cuddly 'teddybear-like' Gnome can be found. He is brown and looks very happy when he is standing with his arms up which is one of the poses he has. He loves to stand on the dryer but he also moves around the lot too as the other gnomes.

He can also be found when a sim is collecting laundry around the house so don't forget to pick it all up.

The Gnome of BC


This prehistoric looking Gnome looks really cute, especially when he poses with his finger by his mouth. He is usually found when travelling with the time machine, he comes back with your sim from the past. He has his little club, a beard and spiky curly hair and poses in stereotypical cartoon caveman poses.

Late Night

With Late Night expansion pack two more gnomes where added. One with the vampire theme that was introduced in this pack and one with the music theme. As ususal they have some special features.

The Magic Vampire Gnome

2 poses of The Magic Vamipre Gnome

The female Vampire Gnome can be found on lots with multiple plasma fruit bushes. Of course the more you have of the bushes, the more luck of finding her on the lot. Her poses includes flying and sleeping like a vampire. She is wearing a cute black and red dress with several white petticoats. She has black fishnet stockings with black shoes and she has a pair of wings on her back.

There is a twist with this little gnome. Be aware when you have stuffed toys on your lot, she will transform them into gnomes as soon as she can, both stuffed rabbits and stuffed teddybears. She will move herself near to the stuffed toy and after some time do the transformation. So think before you buy a stuffed toy for your sims child unless you would like to have a house full of vampire gnomes.

The Magical Hip-Hop Gnome

The Hip-Hop Gnome

The Hip-Hop Gnome is a little guy looking like a rap artist. All dressed up in jeans, a big t-shirt, a big necklace, a red cap and dark glases. He uses dancing and rapping poses and can be received as a celebrity gift.


With the Generations EP no new Gnome was introduced but instead you can have a Gnome Family. They can 'get married' and have Gnome children. This only applies to the basegame Gnome though, Mysterious Mr. Gnome! Have 2 of them hang around a wedding and you'll soon see what happens. The Gnome have 5 ages they live through:

  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • Teen
  • Adult
  • Elder

When a gnome dies a special tombstone, a Memorial, will appear, you can also buy this Gnome Statue in buydebug.


The 4 Gnomes in Pets.

In the Pets EP, 4 new Gnomes appear and they are of course associated with your sims pets. They all move around like the other gnomes and have some unic poses.

  • Carter Caninenimus - the Dog Gnome. He is a fiercly loyal companion.
  • Felix Felinenimus - the Cat Gnome. Cute and cuddly, just like a real cat! And just like a real cat, you never know what kind of trouble this magic gnome will be up to.
  • Zenyatta - the Horse Gnome. This magical gnome is still as can be. Yet, when you aren't looking, you sense this gnome moves very fast indeed.
  • Freezer Bunny Magic Gnome - The cutest Gnome ever!


The 2 Gnomes in Showtime.

In Showtime 2 new Gnomes have been added and they are associated with two of the new performance careers, Singer and Magician. They have a variety of poses as the other gnomes and these will appear randomly in your Sim's garden if he/she is in one of the 2 careers.

  • Cranstan Boonitz the Magic Gnome

This little Gnome summons his mystical power to take center-stage. A great addition to the livingroom or stage. He will have poses performing magic.

  • Lounge Lizard Magic Gnome

This little Gnome leverages his singing skills to take center-stage, also a great addition to your home or the stage. He will pose with his mike, standing or lying down.


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