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Mixology Skill

This new skill of mixing drinks at the bar is introduced in the Late Night Expansion Pack. Sims can start to learn this skill via the 3 "Improving Mixology" books which can be purchased from the book store, or by practicing on a bar. They can also look out for Mixology classes.

Sims can start down the path that will make them a true chemist of the liquid world. True mixologists will be able to concoct liquids of incredible power, from instilling romance to keeping you up all night. With practice they can make quite a bit of cash moonlighting at various bars as well.


  • Just starting - Sim can use the Practice Making Drinks interaction on bars.
  • Level 1 - Sim can practice making drinks with a target Sim.
  • Level 2 - Sim can start moonlighting at certain low class establishments, like dive bars.
  • Level 3 - Sim can make Party Mood Drinks.
  • Level 4 - Sim can make Skill-Gain Mood Drinks.
  • Level 5 - Sim can make Romantic Mood Drinks.
  • Level 6 - Sim can 'try to make a new drink' on bars and can also rename any new drink they create.
  • Level 7 - Sim can start moonlighting at certain high class establishments, such as lounges.
  • Level 8 - Sim can make Moodlet Removal Drinks
  • Level 9 - Sim can make Crazy Mood Drinks.
  • Level 10 - Sim can name drinks after other Sims.

Skill Challenge

  • Master of Mood - Only Sims that have made at least 200 Mood drinks can really be considered a Master of Mood. Their Mood Drinks are stronger and of a higher quality.
  • Poseidon - To become a deity of the liquid world, one must mix 500 total drinks in their lifetime. Sims with this much experience will never mix a bad drink again!
  • Cool Creator - Cool Creators are those Mixologists who have gone above and beyond their duties and have mixed 25 unique drinks. As a result of their vast experience, their custom drinks will be high quality.
  • Master Mixologist - It's one thing to just mix yummy beverages, but to actually serve them to customers takes a certain kind of bravery. Master Mixologists have served 60 or more drinks to other Sims. Their familiarity with working the bar means they earn more money while Moonlighting and have a better relationship with the bar’s patrons.
  • Professor of Drinks - A Professor of Drinks has learned at least 42 Custom drink recipes from the different bars around town! A Sim with this kind of knowledge can serve special Custom drinks!


  • Advanced mood altering drinks can only be made on the new Professional Bars, as can making new drinks. The original bars can only create regular drinks.
  • The recipes for your personally created drinks are all stored in your Skill Journal.
  • If you have World Adventures installed you can also stock the bars with Nectar.

Drink Types

Party Drinks
These concoctions affect parties and how much Fun other Sims have at them. Every Party Drink mixed improves the overall score for the party, increasing the chance that when its finally time for guests to shuffle on home, the party is deemed a success. That's good for relationship-building with party attendees.

Romantic Drinks
When a Romantic Drink is imbibed by a Sim, they receive the In the Mood moodlet, which makes them more receptive to romantic socials.

Skill-Gain Drinks
A few swallows of this smartypants bev and a Sim gets the Cerebral Boost moodlet, which temporarily improves the rate at which they develop any skill.

Negative Moodlet Removal Drinks
Negative moodlets bring everybody down. But when this cocktail is sipped, a Sim receives the Wash Away the Worry moodlet. Now, this moodlet only Lasts as long as the Sim is actively drinking the beverage, but at least it removes the effect of negative moodlets for a few moments.

Energy Drinks
Flagging Energy bringing your Sim to a grinding halt? Put an Energy Drink in their hand. This hip sip gives them the Wide Awake moodlet, which has the same effect as taking a nap.

Crazy Drinks
This is a fun beverage to create and serve. It encourages imbibers to do silly, insane stuff thanks to the effects of the Going Wild moodlet. While under the effect of the mood let the Sim has a lot of fun.

Drink List

NameMood Effect
Alien BrainSkill Gain
Aristocratic GimletParty
Baby CandyEnergy
Bad Referee
Band SlamEnergy
Barnacle Breeze
Big MistakeCrazy
Bio-BoosterSkill Gain
Black Mood
Buckwheat ShooterEnergy
Carribbean Cooler
Cherry CasanovaRomantic
CleanserNegative Moodlet Removal
Dark Energies
Deathflower DropsCrazy
Deep Dispair
Dissolved Sand
Fallen AngelRomantic
Fan Fizz
Feng ShuiFountain
Flaming FlotsamParty
Flaming WaylonParty
Formaldehyde on the Rocks
Glow GooEnergy
Hemoglobin Shooter
Hogan's Deep-Fried JuiceEnergy
Kozui Kooler
Kyoto My HeartRomantic
Liquid CourageEnergy
Llama HeadParty
Melted SnowmanNegative Moodlet Removal
Morcubus Molotov
Muscle Protein
Naughty CheerleaderRomantic
Neon BreezeParty
Oil Colada
Party Popper
Pink Bunny
Plasma Punch
Pom PassionRomantic
Purple Gnome
Red Water
RehydrantNegative Moodlet Removal
Rock RollerParty
Sakura Shoji SweetnessParty
Sapphire Samurai
Saucy SicilianParty
Simoleon SunriseNegative Moodlet Removal
Spline Reticulator
Spotlight PolishParty
Starry Sea
Stomach Churner
Sweet Hijinks
Tombstone Tipple
Tropic TwisterEnergy
Vera's Glass of SassEnergy
Winning StreakNegative Moodlet Removal
WooHoo on the BeachRomantic
Zen ZingerEnergy
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