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Here you'll find an overview of the different Metals and Rocks you can collect in the game, their values, sizes and more.



Metal Collector

Find every unique Metal type to complete this challenge. Upon completion your Sim will regularly get additional Ingots returned in the mail.

  • Collect 5 types in total, 20% per type.

Amateur Rock Finder

Find at least half of the Space Rock types to complete this challenge. Upon completion your Sim will easier find the remaining types.

Awesomest Rock Collector in the Universe

Find all the Space Rock types to complete this challenge. Upon completion your Sim will have more luck collecting the ones of higher value.

  • Collect 33 types in total, 3.03% per type.

Useful Tip!

A sim can use lifetime happiness points to purchase a Collection Helper, which will assist in finding Metals, Space Rocks and other collectibles.

Ore and Ingots

  • Ore can be picked up using the "Collect" action when you find raw Ore laying on the ground around the neighborhood.
  • An Ore can be smelted into Ingots for §40 by sending it to the Foundry.
  • Smelted Ingots are worth 175% of their original value. In order to break even from smelting an Ore it must be worth a minimum of §23.
  • Ingots can be stacked on eachother any place you choose on your lot.

Useful Tip!

Sometimes the Foundry will return an Ore. This means you've stumbled upon one of Sims 3's Special Items: The Mysterious Mr. Gnome.

Ore Ingot Metal Rarity Max Raw Ore Value Max Ingot Value
File:oreiron.jpg File:ingotiron.jpg Iron Common §20 §35
File:oresilver.jpg File:ingotsilver.jpg Silver Common §35 §61
File:oregold.jpg File:ingotgold.jpg Gold Uncommon §120 §210
File:orepalladium.jpg File:ingotpalladium.jpg Palladium Rare §500 §875
File:oreplutonium.jpg File:ingotplutonium.jpg Plutonium Extraordinarily Unusual §1800 §3150

Space Rocks

  • Space Rocks are Meteorites which have fallen from the heavens. They can be picked up using the "Collect" action when you find one in various locations around the neighborhood.
  • They come in three sizes: Tiny, Large and Gigantic.
  • Gigantic Meteorites can be spotted via the Telescope, it's position will then be marked on the map.
  • Initial value is based on weight.
  • Analyzing a Meteorite can give a more accurate valuation, which may increase or decrease the value.
  • The more Space Rocks you find, the easier it becomes to find them. Finding all of them makes it easier to find more valuable ones.

Useful Tip!

Sometimes an event may pop up when buying a house, telling you that it has been hit by Meteorites, and challenging you to clean up the lot. If you accept the challenge you will find Tiny and Large Space Rocks on your new lot, along with fire damage to clean up.

Size and Price Table

Name Weight Price Meteor Name
Small Space Rock 1-65 §10-§30 Medium Meteor
Medium Space Rock 100-1050 §50-§200 Large Meteor
Large Space Rock 50,000-10,010,000 §2,000-§4,500 Huge Meteor

Space Rocks Index and Value

Rock Type Sizes Analyzation Value Change
Acapulcoite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 70%
Angrite Large & Tiny 100%
Ataxite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 150%
Aubrite Large & Tiny 140%
Brachinite Large & Tiny 120%
Charbonaceous Chondrite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 500%
Chassignite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 120%
Diogenite Large & Tiny 90%
Enstatite Chondrite Large & Tiny 600%
Eucrite Large & Tiny 80%
Hexahedrite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 160%
Howardite Large & Tiny 70%
Kamasite Large & Tiny 175%
Lodranite Large & Tiny 80%
Lunar Large & Tiny 130%
Mesosiderite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 1000%
Nakhlite Large & Tiny 110%
Octahedrite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 180%
Ordinary Chondrite Large & Tiny 50%
Pallasite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 400%
Rumurutite Large & Tiny 300%
Shergottite Large & Tiny 100%
Unusual Bellacite Large & Tiny 160%
Unusual Custerous Gossticite Large & Tiny 190%
Unusual Dukeadite Large & Tiny 220%
Unusual Holmberic Large & Tiny 180%
Unusual Llamatite Gigantic, Large & Tiny 200%
Unusual Mazzadrayte Large & Tiny 210%
Unusual Pearsonite Large & Tiny 210%
Unusual Rodiekceous Large & Tiny 200%
Unusual Sporecite Large & Tiny 170%
Ureilite Large & Tiny 90%
Winonaite Large & Tiny 130%
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