Martial Arts Skill

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Martial Arts Skill

Martial Artists study Martial Arts for self-defence and self-enrichment. They can improve their skill by training with the training dummy and board breaker objects, or by meditating alone in a quiet place. Martial Artists can spar with other martial artists by asking them to spar. At a high enough level, Martial Artists may travel to China, where they can set up tournament matches using the telephone.


Skills LevelBelt
1 White
2 Yellow
3 Orange
4 Green
5 Green
6 Blue
7 Blue
8 Brown
9 Black
10 Black & Gold

Skill Challenges

  • Grand Master Reach tournament level 5 to attain the title of "Grand Master"
  • Sim Fu King Participate in 75 sparring matches.
  • Timber Terminator Break at lest 150 oak or greater toughness boards.


  • You can develop the Martial Arts skill faster while having the Zen moodlet which you can get from visiting the garden in China.
  • Sims with the Loner Sim attribute achieve the benfits of meditation faster than any other Sim.
  • Sims skilled in Martial Arts will alomost always win fights with other Sims, burglars etc.
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