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Hi and Welcome to The Sims 3 Wiki!

On this Wiki you will find tons of information for The Sims 3 game, such as reference guides, strategy guides and much more. We also have a dedicated section for the widely used Custom Content tool TSR Workshop. There you'll find all documentation needed to get you started with creating your very own Custom Content right away.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the site!

The Sims 3 Info

Here you will find detailed information about everything Sims 3 related, including...

Cheats & Tricks: A comprehensive, detailed list of all cheats for the game... You know, just in case ;-)

Song List: A list of all the music & songs from the game including preview clips and credits.

Object Catalog: Details of Buy & Build mode items from the Base Game, EA Store and Expansion Packs.

Traits: A Reference Table of Traits that your Sims may adopt or might encounter in game.

Career Guides: Complete reference tables of every career. Help your Sims to overachieve in life!

Moodlets: Negative, Neutral and Positive all explained!

Many more pages of valuable info await you beyond the Reference Guides index. Feel free to browse around the entire wiki, you’re sure to learn some new and exciting things about your game!

TSR Workshop Info

Here you will find all TSR Workshop documentation and technical references.

Installation Guide: Install TSR Workshop on your computer! A perfect place to start.

Create A New Project: Every new item starts with this part - a complete overview of new projects.

Clothing: Explains how to create a clothing item with TSR Workshop.

Makeup/Facial Overlay: Explains how to create a makeup item with TSR Workshop.

Hair: Explains how to create a hair item with TSR Workshop.

Accessories: Explains how to create an accessories item with TSR Workshop.

A big index of technical references, file format documentation, tools to use during the creation process, texture specifications, tutorial links and more awaits you at the TSR Workshop Index. Start your creativity there!

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