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This page describes the Lot Building Tools.

Building in Sims 3 Basics

So you want to take a stab at creating your own lot. Well you’ve picked the right game to start your project! Unlike Sims of the past the lot building experience in Sims 3 is not the painful, “Why can’t I get this to look realistic without cheats” game. Sure some cheats come in handy for some things, but overall the plants, tools and Create a Style can make your lot wish you could jump into the game and use it in Real Life!

Let’s start with the tools.

Sims 3 Toolsets

Sledgehammer Tool Shortcut 'K' key. Used to delete things on your lot, from walls to items. If you need to delete several things on your lots click on an item and hold down across what you wish to delete to highlight.

Hand Tool Shortcut 'H' key. Used to grab objects and move them around your house. In build mode used for expanding or contracting walls as a bonus.

Create a Style Shortcut 'R' key. Used to customize objects, walls and floors. Yes people we can now make things match on our own.

Eyedropper Tool Shortcut 'E' key. This is a copy tool. Used to copy textures from once place to another.

Day/Night Toggle Shortcut 'L' key. This tool does just what it implies, toggles between light and dark on a lot. Handy if trying to place lights strategically outside.

Indoor Grid Placement Shortcut 'G' key. If you have a specific interior design you would like to try then this is a useful tool for room layout. It places a grid inside the house for a guide.

Undo(C) and (Z) Redo To undo and redo your current Lot Edit.


  • Holding the alt key while placing objects including plants takes the object to freeform placement.
  • Holding an object with the hand tool and pressing < or > will rotate your object on a 45 degree angle.
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