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Logic Skill

The good old Logic Skill. Those of us simmers who have been around a while are very familiar with this Skill. Ahhh, but in Sims 3 learning this Skill also gives you some very cool computer interactions that can earn you Simoleans. You will need this Skill to succeed in the Law Enforcement Career or the Criminal Career.

The logic skill as in times past can be acquired through the chess table or the telescope. But as with the other Skills you can take a class. Developing this skill shortens the time it takes to learn some of the other skills. The one thing to consider when having 2 Sims compete in chess is that the Sim with the higher level logic will most likely beat out the Sim with the lower level. This, of course, can cause hard feelings. As we all know Sims can be sore losers.


  • Level 3 Sims now have a new Interaction with the Telescope. They can Search the Galaxy. Your Sim can name any new thing they find in their Galaxy.
  • Level 5 Sims can now tutor other Sims in Logic. They can now talk to other Sims about what they see in the telescope.
  • Level 10 Your Sims can now tutor any Sim in any skill except for Charisma and Athletic Skills. However Your Sim must possess the Skill they are tutoring and can only Tutor to the level they themselves have.

Skill Challenge

  • Grand Master - This Sim has reached the 5th level of the Chess Circuit in competition.
  • Celestial Exlorer - This Sim has discovered at least 20 celestial bodies with the telescope. Their knowledge of all things in the stars allows them to speak to friends in neighbors about all things in the heavens.
  • Teacher Extraordinaire - This Sim has tutored other Sims for at least 20 hours. Earning this makes them twice as effective when tutoring.
  • Skill Proffesor - This Sim has tutored other Sims for at least 30 hours. Earning this makes them twice as effective when tutoring other Sims.


  • Want to impress someone special? Name a star after them and tell them about it.
  • Solving the Unsolvable on the computer can earn your Sim extra Simoleans.
  • Playing Chess at a public location can also increase the Logic Skill.
  • Playing Chess with another Sim not only increases skill level but also gives a relationship boost.
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