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Inventing Skill

Throw safety goggles to the wind and harness the power of invention! A brilliant mind and blowtorch can turn yesterday's Scrap into tomorrow's must-have life improvement gadget. Who knows what the next big discovery or explosion will yield?


LevelIconInvention NameScrap Reqd.Type
1File:Drinking Llama.pngDrinking Llama2Widget
2File:Rotational Pull.pngRotational Pull3Widget
2File:Dog Toy.pngDog Toy3Crafted Toy
3File:Floor Hygienator.pngFloor Hygienator10Big Invention
3File:Tentacle Wind Up.pngTentacle Wind Up4Widget
3File:Cow Toy.pngCow Toy4Crafted Toy
4File:Harvester.pngHarvester25Big Invention
4File:Whale Toy.pngWhale Toy5Crafted Toy
5File:Localized Static Tester.pngLocalized Static Tester6Widget
6File:Robot Toy.pngRobot Toy6Crafted Toy
6File:Floating Duck.pngFloating Duck7Widget
7File:Flying Fighters.pngFlying Fighters8Widget
7File:Miner.pngMiner50Big Invention
9File:Time Machine.pngTime Machine75Big Invention

Skill Challenges

  • Widget Wonder A Widget Wonder has created 250 Widgets. As a result, all Widgets the Sim makes will be Improved Widgets and will have a bonus value, Widget creation time is shortened as well.
  • Diabolical Detonator A Diabolical Detonator has detonated 150 objects. As a reward, it costs them less to Detonate stuff, they get more Scrap out of it and they’re less likely to get fined!
  • The Scrap Collector The Scrap Collector has personally collected over 1,000 Scrap and, as a result, can dig through junk piles faster and find more Scrap!
  • Master Inventor A Master Inventor has created 100 Biq Inventions. As a reward, all Invention creation times and Scrap costs are reduced. All inventions are now "Master" Inventions with a higher value and a Master Big Inventions will never fail!
  • Ultimate Invention To make a SimBot you need the following: 1 bar of Palladium, 1 Heart Cut Pink Diamonds, 10 Life Fruits, and 100 pieces of Scrap.


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