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Racing Skill

The Racing Skill is a horse only skill that increases a horse's performance in certain Equestrian Center competitions as well as increasing the speed of a horses gallop.

There are many ways to gain racing skills. You can begin by practicing with the Race Training Posts or letting your horse perform the self-interaction Gallop Around. Once you feel comfortable, you can have your horse enter the Race or Cross-Country competitions at the Equestrian Center.

Sims can also help horses gain racing skill by training along with them. The higher the Sim's Riding Skill the faster the horses increase their Racing Skill.


  • Level 2 - Horses can now turn the tables and help train the rider while training for a racing competition.
  • Level 3 - Horses may now enter Advanced Racing and Cross-Country competitions at the Equestrian Center (with a qualified rider).
  • Level 4 - Horses' gallop is faster than ever. Horses can also try Endurance Training wjile training for a racing competition to stay between the posts longer.
  • Level 5 - Horses will feel especially satisfied after a good race training session.
  • Level 6 - Horses can now push their pace to a Hard Gallop while training for a racing competition to intensify his session at the cost of fatigue.
  • Level 7 - Horses can enter International Racing and Cross-Country competitions at the Equestrian Center (with a qualified rider).
  • Levels 8-9 - Horses can now set a Perfect pace while training to get the most benefit for their time.
  • Level 10 - Horses gallop is now blazingly fast.

Skill Challenges

  • Champion Racehorse - Champion Racehorses have won more than 15 Advanced or International Racing Competitions at the Equestrian Center. Their racing fame makes them and their offspring far more valuable to horse buyers and breeders.
  • Long Distance Racer - To be a Long Distance Racer, a horse must gallop more than 20,000 meters. After achieving this milestone, every second spent galloping brings the utter joy and satisfaction of knowing one was born to run with the wind.
  • Endurance Equine - The title of Endurance Equine is given to horses that have spent 15 hours Training for Races. These horses have built up their endurance to the point that they no longer get fatigued from race training.

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