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Jumping Skill

The Jumping Skill is a horse only skill that makes it more likely for the horse to successfully clear jumps. It also increases a horse's performance in certain Equestrian Center competitions.

There are many ways to gain jumping skill. You can start off by doing the easier jumps over the Cavaletti and then move on to the more difficult gate and rail obstacles. Horses can also gain jumping skill by competing in Jumping or Cross-Country competitions in the Equestrian Center.

Sims can also help horses gain jumping skill by training along with them. The higher the Sim's Riding Skill the faster the horses increase their Jumping Skill.


  • Levels 3-4 - Horses may now enter Advanced Show Jumping and Cross-Country competitions at the Equestrian Center (with a qualified rider).
  • Levels 5-6 - Horses will now feel especially satisfied after a perfect jump.
  • Levels 7-9 - Horses may now enter International Show Jumping and Cross-Country competitions at the Equestrian Center (with a qualified rider).
  • Level 10 - Horses can attempt the most extreme jumping obstacle - The Flaming Hoop!

Skill Challenges

  • Jumping Star - Jumping Starts have won more than 15 Advanced or International Show Jumping Competitions at the Equestrian Center. Their jumping fame makes them and their offspring far more valuable to horse buyers and breeders.
  • Tireless Leaper - Tireless Leapers have attempted more than 150 jumps on jump obstacles. They've tried jumps and run jumping courses so much that they no longer get fatigued from any jump training.
  • Frequent Flyer - Frequent Flyers have made more than 250 perfect jumps over jumping obstacles. They've become so confident in their jumping abilities they they'll never refuse a jump, no matter how daunting.

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