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This page introduces you to Hidden Springs, available at the Sims 3 Store


Welcome to Hidden Springs

Approaching Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs is the place where all the celebrities flock in search for relaxation and escape from the mundane. There are rumors about miraculous healing powers in the woods and waters. Many sims can’t resist the temptation to find out about them. Will the highly secretive townsfolk that live in the woods let your sims know about it? Is it magic at work?

Hidden Springs has a stunning lakefront, a luxury spa and a ski lodge for your sim to explore or they can escape in to the woods. Maybe they can uncover ancient mysterious happenings at the Museum of Magic and Supernatural. What is there to find in Hidden Springs?

Buy and download it from the Sims 3 Store. The cost for the town is 2450 simpoints.


A Whole New World Awaits - Discover the magic in this new town, meet new sims and explore new locations.

  • Discover the Magic - The curious magical properties of Hidden Springs has been the intrigue to many for ages. Explore the World and you might even uncover the Fountain of Youth. Will your Sims become forever young?
  • Exclusive New Items - Customize your game with dozens of all-new exclusive objects and clothing that are only available in Hidden Springs. The most expensive item is the Leon's Fountain of Youth for § 495.000!!
  • Exclusive New Locations - Hidden Springs is full of all new locations, lots, and venues. Where will your adventures take you?
  • All-New Sims and Stories - An exclusive retreat for the rich and famous? Or a mysterious World with healing powers? Whatever the answer, one thing is certain: the Sims you meet in Hidden Springs all have stories that are truly out of this World.

Text above from the official Sims 3 site.

Town Centre

Town Centre

The Town Centre is situated near the shore and here you'll find most of the most important buildings around the big Square. The main road crosses the square and on the north side of the road is the City Hall with the Police Station on one side and the Book Shop and the Public School on the other. The Hospital lies on the right side along the main road after a few houses. The Office Building you'll find opposite the Police Station with the Grocery shop nearby. You'll also find the Movie Theatre, the Library and several restaurants and other recreational areas round the Square.

On the south side of the road the large Square has many places to sit and relax in and in the middle on the right side is a small 'Coffeeehouse' where your sim can help him/herself to a hot drink and use the facilities. Not far away is the Arena and the Science Center.


Redwood View Point

Hidden Springs is surrounded by mountains on all sides, as the name says it's really hidden. There are many places outside the town your sim can escape too and relax. Your sim can mingle with the rich at the Lodge Hotel in the mountains or just go on a hikingtrip and maybe find the Fountain of Youth! Or they can go to the top of the mountain to the Redwood View Point to get a view of the whole town. There are several Cafés and small picnic areas along the road.

There are also several fishingspots, one is by a beautiful waterfall and you'll find another spot if you follow the road to nowhereland past the Fairyfolk Park. Or just go exploring in the park, maybe there is something special about these woods? If your sim prefers to stay closer to town there is the big Silver Zephyr Health Spa to visit!


Hidden Springs has some references to the fairytale Cinderella with a few families involved. It is also said:

  • Hidden Springs is the richest neighborhood in Sims 3
  • The richest family has § 175.000 in their fund
  • Hidden Springs is also the smallest neighborhood/town in Sims 3 with 50 playable families.


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