Handiness Skill

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Handiness Skill

You will need this skill if you are meant for a science career or a military career.

But rest assure, even just around the house this skill can be of use, who wouldn't want an unbreakable laptop, a selfcleaning counter or an automatic sprinkler? Life will become a lot easier with all your objects upgraded. So come on and let's go for it.


  • Level 1: Your Sim can now tinker all objects to a random upgrade
  • Level 3: Objects that need to be cleaned can now be upgraded to selfcleaning
  • Level 4: More Upgrades, Stove can be made fireproof, Speakers can be improved, and the dishwasher can be made (almost) silent.
  • Level 6: Objects can now be made unbreakable
  • Level 7: Locked Upgrades are now free to use
  • Level 10: Permanent Discount for your Buildobjects and Furniture.

Skill Challenges

  • Electrician Electricions have repaired at least 10 electrical objects. They will never be electrocuted by an electrical object again.
  • Plumber Plumbers have repaired at least 10 plumbing objects. Plumbing Objects they fix will never break again.
  • Tinkerer Tinkerers have finished at least 10 unique upgrades on household items. Installing upgrades on multiple objects only counts as one unique upgrade. Tinkerers never fail when upgrading object.


  • Did you know that just by reading all 3 books on handiness you raise your skill to 10?
  • You can take handiness lessons at the Fort Gnome Military Base for ยง400
  • Each object can only be upgraded one time, you can however replace one upgrade with another.
  • If you upgrade the speakers on the stereo it can be heard once a day by all Sims in the house resulting in an enjoying the music moodlet.
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