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This page describes the Create A Sim Hair Controls.



A good hairstyle can make or break any Sim. Hair comes in two basic types:


Create A Sim Hair Controls

On the hair tab you will find all the hair that is hair only. When you want a plain, honest hairstyle, this is the place to be. Select the hairstyle you prefer and then select an existing color or create your own.

Hair with Accessories

Hair w/ Accessories

On the hair with accessories tab you'll find all manor of things used to decorate hair. Hats, flowers, bandannas, ponytail holders, and headbands are all a possibility and are usually recolor-able.

Locked or Unlocked

Hair Locked

In Locked mode, your Sim has the same hairstyle for every clothing category. This will work well for your Sims with a short haircut where it makes sense that it would not change with their fashions.

Hair Unlocked

In Unlocked mode, you can determine the hairstyle for each clothing category. This will work well for your Sims with long hair who may put it up for a formal occasion or let it loose for sleep or put it in pony tails to exercise.

Eyebrows and Lashes


Eyebrows and Lashes

Eyebrows and lashes can add important facial features to your Sim. Will your Sim have arched thin brows? Thick heavy brows? A Uni-brow? You can choose eyebrow shape and color.


Eyelash Slider

You can choose the length of the eyelashes by dragging the slider bar. Will your Sim be without noticeable lashes? Or a big flirt with long lashes?

Facial Hair

Eyelash Slider

For men, there is facial hair. Need a beard or mustache for your Sim? This is the place. By selecting the check box on Eyebrows and/or Facial hair, you can match the color to your root hair color, but it isn't required. If you want a blonde with a red beard, it is up to you.


Hair Color

Hair Color comes in the usual shades - a few blondes, brunettes, black and silver. But with Create A Style, the possibilities are endless. You want a Sim with bright red hair and blue roots? No problem! (You may think you would never use such a thing, but if you are creating a clown, for example, it comes in handy!) Want your black haired Sim to have just a touch of gray? No problem! Experiment with Create A Style and your possibilities are endless! See Create A Style for more info.

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